While many people will assume that wine is vegan friendly, that isn’t the case. Depending on the manufacturer’s production process, they can use filtration methods that are not vegan friendly. At Healthy Hampers, we want our customers to know the ins and outs of vegan wine and how you can benefit from drinking it. Take your time to read through the below information and see what makes vegan wine special. 

8 good things about vegan wine

While it might not be intentional, there is a lot of stigma towards vegan friendly products. From hearing that it doesn’t taste as good as other wines and knowing that vegan friendly options are more expensive. So, if you are apprehensive about trying vegan wines, we’re doing a deep dive into the good things about vegan wines and offer a few suggestions. 

There’s a range of vegan wines available

Variety is the spice of life, and having access to a range of different vegan wines ensures there’s a little something for everyone and every occasion. Whether you prefer red, white or rose, there are plenty of vegan wines available, so it doesn’t feel like you’re missing out. At Healthy Hampers, we have an enticing collection of vegan friendly wines that make splendid gifts for you or your loved ones. Some of our more popular vegan wine varieties in Australia are the Farm Hand Organic Sauvignon Blanc, Butterfly Kiss Organic Rosé and Nature's Harvest Organic Shiraz

If you would like to know more about our top selling vegan wine options, our The Best Vegan Wine Products In Australia blog is perfect for you. We have detailed everything you need to know about our top selling wines. Take a look at some of our suggestions and see if there’s anything that appeals to you. 

Vegan wines contain more resveratrol

Resveratrol is a compound found in grapes that can help weight loss, inflammation and improves elasticity in your skin. Organic wines tend to have a higher resveratrol potency, and a lot of the time, this also applies to vegan wine. With a positive input on the body, it’s no wonder individuals prefer vegan wines. For those who are wondering, red wine has a higher resveratrol count than white wine. At Healthy Hampers, we are expanding our vegan red wine options. Take a look at our Vegan Wine selection and see if we have the perfect gifts for your friends, family, work colleagues and everyone in between. 

Most vegan wines are organic

As mentioned in the previous step, a lot of the time, vegan wines are also organic. However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean that all organic wines are vegan friendly. Vegan friendly wines are produced, fermented, clarified and aged in a way that aligns with vegan beliefs and values. Whereas, organic wines are developed without any chemical or artificial ingredients. This, however, does not mean that every organic wine is vegan friendly. While most vegan wines in Australia can be considered organic, it’s important to do a little research before purchasing. You can easily find out whether a vegan wine is organic by going to the brand's website. 

Vegan wines can have fewer sulfites

All wines contain sulfites, after all, it’s a natural occurrence during the fermenting process, but did you know vegan wines have fewer sulfites? While many winemakers may add extra sulfites during the fermentation process, this isn’t the case for a lot of vegan and organic wines. Some individuals are allergic or sensitive to the compound which can cause headaches, joint pains, and inflammation. If you do know you are sensitive to sulfites, vegan wines are the best option. Knowing what the best options are for you can take some time and research, but doing so will be better for your body in the long run. 

Vegan wines are cruelty free

Much like any other vegan product you purchase, vegan wines are cruelty free and guilt free. One of the main reasons people go on a vegan diet is to protect animal rights and welfare. But looking for alternative food options, you’re helping save animal lives and protest against animal cruelty. As mentioned above, while there are vegan wines available, a lot of wine production will use egg whites, fish bladders, and other animal products during the finning process. Vegan winemakers will use plant based finning products and help protect against animal cruelty. 

There are fewer chemicals in vegan wine

Many vegan wines are made organically, which means there are few chemicals used throughout the production process. For vegan wines in Australia to be organic, no additives or preservatives can be used. Starting from the moment winemakers plant their crop, only natural herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers are allowed meaning fewer chemicals are going into your body. Vegan wines are a safer option for anyone who is consciously living. 

Vegan wines are more environmentally friendly

The animal farming industry is a leading cause of environmental pollution and one of the best ways to combat it is by purchasing and using vegan products. And, as mentioned before, most vegan wines are also organic and help reduce chemical usage. Being environmentally friendly and caring about animal rights are some of the fundamentals of being vegan. At Healthy Hampers, all our vegan wine options are ethically sourced and produced. All our hampers contain reusable and recyclable packaging to help give back to the Earth. Take a look at our complete range of Vegan Wine products and give your loved ones a guilt free gift. 

Vegan vines are worth the cost

In recent years, the price gap between vegan products and regular ones has drastically reduced. A lot of the time, vegan wines are cheaper than other options. But, even if a vegan wine in Australia is more expensive, your contribution is helping protect the environment and animal wellbeing. With natural delicious flavours and a range of options to choose from, vegan wines are a fantastic gifting option for your friends, family and work colleagues.

Have a look at some of the best vegan wines in Australia

At Healthy Hampers, we have a fantastic selection of vegan wines available. From choosing pre-made vegan wine hampers to adding a bottle of vegan wine from our extras page, there are many ways you can create a unique gift that your recipients will appreciate. Here are some of our top vegan wine options, have a look at the different types and see if there’s anything your recipient will enjoy. 


Zera Organic Alcohol Free Chardonnay 750ml (VF | O)


With beautiful aromas of flowers, white peach and melon, this delectable vegan wine is the perfect addition to any hamper. But what makes this vegan wine unique is that it’s alcohol free. Made from non fermented grapes from the South of France, this refreshing beverage is perfect for any alcohol free individuals you know. Find out more about this delicious vegan wine by reading the product description. At Healthy Hampers, our Zera Organic Alcohol Free Chardonnay can be found on our Extras page or the Make Your Own Hamper section. Find out what your recipient prefers and give them a hamper that caters to their tastes. 


Freixenet Prosecco 750ml (VF | GF)


A bottle of sparkling wine is the perfect addition to any celebratory occasion. The Freixenet Prosecco is a well known wine that your recipient will appreciate. Made from the grapes of Northern Italy, every bottle is fresh and fruity with undertones of citrus and apple. The delicate palate is a scrumptious taste that perfectly pairs with any happy occasion. And, one of the best things about this wine is that it’s gluten free and vegan friendly. Currently, our Freixenet Prosecco is only available on our Extras page and Make Your Own Hamper section. See what vegan options stand out and give your recipient a delectable hamper. 


Butterfly Kiss Organic Rosé 750ml (VF | O)


Using the finest parcels of fruit, the Butterfly Kiss Organic Rosé is developed in a certified organic vineyard that’s environmentally sustainable. With no harmful chemicals used, each bottle creates charming flavours we know your recipient will enjoy. It has a bouquet of berries and jasmine, with delicate tastes of strawberry. As a stunning flavour combination, it’s the perfect addition to any healthy hamper. Find out more about this vegan wine by reading the product description and organise a stunning gift for your loved ones. You can find our Butterfly Kiss Organic Rosé On our Extras page or through our Make Your Own Hamper section. Go through all options and create a unique gift you know your recipient will appreciate. 

How do Healthy Hampers have the best vegan wines in Australia? 

At Healthy Hampers, we specialise in finding dietary appropriate items for all our hampers. We have a delicious selection of vegan wines that we know your recipient will adore. Whether you’re looking for red, white or rose, we have a little something for everyone. Take a look at our complete Vegan Wine collection and organise the perfect gifts for your friends, family and work colleagues.