With Christmas right around the corner, there’s no better time to start planning your festive gifts. 

But what do you get someone living a vegan lifestyle?

At Healthy Hampers, we know how important it is to give your friends, family members, and work colleagues a hamper that aligns with their dietary needs. We have a delicious selection of vegan hampers we know your recipient will appreciate. 

All our festive hampers are located in our Christmas Gifts collection, and to make your search easier, all our Christmas vegan gift hampers are listed below. Take your time to look through our fantastic arrangement and give your loved ones the perfect vegan gifts. 

How to Select the Best Christmas Vegan Gifts for Your Loved Ones

It can be hard to know the best vegan hampers for your loved ones, especially when there are lots to choose from. To help make your choice easier, we have some useful tips to make your online gifting experience seamless. Go through our steps and find the ideal vegan hampers for this holiday season.

Find out if your recipient has any additional dietary requirements 

While it might not be that common, there is still a chance that your recipient has more than one dietary restriction, and finding out if they do will ensure you’re getting a vegan hamper they can use. For example, some individuals are vegan and gluten free. This may seem hard to cater for, but there are options available and finding a hamper that caters to both will provide your recipient with an unforgettable experience. 

Go through the product descriptions

When looking for a dietary hamper, you want to ensure all included products are appropriate for your recipient. At Healthy Hampers, we detail everything about our vegan gift hampers in our product descriptions. You can learn how your hamper is presented, what all the included items are, and how purchasing one of our hampers can help the environment. Always remember to read the product descriptions before you make a decision. 

Compare different vegan hampers

When there are lots of hampers to choose from, one of the best ways to narrow your selection is by comparing different hampers. Look at all the included items and see the range of products and how they vary from each other. Use the information provided in the product descriptions to help narrow your choices and find the best vegan gift alternative for your loved ones. 

Take your time to go through each step and organise a delightful vegan hamper for your friends, family and work colleagues. 

Our top vegan Christmas hampers in Australia

If you’re looking for the top Christmas vegan gift hampers in Australia, you have come to the right. At Healthy Hampers, we source only the highest quality items for all our vegan hampers. A Christmas Gifts collection features a range of vegan pamper, snack and alcohol hampers. Keep your recipient in mind as you browse our collection and look for a fantastic hamper you know they will love. 

Here are some of our top selling vegan hampers for Christmas, are any of them the charming gift you’re looking for? 


Vegan Snack Attack


This delicious hamper is perfect for all ages to enjoy. Our Vegan Snack Attack hamper contains lollies, rice clouds, chocolate, and more. With a fantastic arrangement of items, this charming treat is everything your recipient could want for the festive season. See what makes this hamper special by going through the product description. 




All Natural Beauty Kit


Our All Natural Beauty Kit has all our favourite vegan friendly pamper products for the festive season. It comes with an eye serum, cleanser, antioxidant creams, moisturiser, and more. All our Blessed by Nature products are plant based with no nasties. If your recipient needs a pamper session over the Christmas holidays, this is the ideal vegan hamper for them. 




Love Bug Vegan Delight


A scrumptious vegan hamper is always a great gift for the festive season. The Love Bug Vegan Delight hamper contains a range of products that will bring a smile to your recipient’s face. With popcorn, chocolate, cookies, and more, this hamper has a delicious selection of items for your recipient. And as a bonus, you can add a range of different products too. 




Vegan Shiraz & Snack Hamper


With a bottle of red and a fantastic arrangement of snacks, our Vegan Shiraz & Snack Hamper is a great vegan Christmas hamper. This charming gift features a bottle of Farm Hand Organic Shiraz alongside a collection of vegan friendly snacks. It has everything your recipient could want for the festive season. Have a look at the product description to see if this is the perfect gift for you. 




Beautifully Blessed Pamper Hamper


Give your loved ones the pamper session they crave. Our Beautifully Blessed Pamper Hamper is vegan friendly, organic and developed using natural ingredients. This hamper contains some of Blessed by Nature’s top selling pamper items and is a fantastic festive gift for your recipient. Go through all the included items to see if this is the perfect hamper for you. 




Vegan Night With Wine


Show how much you care about your recipient by organising a hamper that aligns with their dietary needs. Our Vegan Night With Wine is entirely vegan friendly, and features a bottle of Farm Hand Organic Chardonnay alongside a selection of delicious nibbles. And as a bonus, all the included items are also gluten free. It’s a charming vegan hamper we know your recipient will appreciate. 




Deux Chapel Hill Hamper


Why stop with one bottle of wine when you can give your recipient two? The Deux Chapel Hill Hamper is a tasty gourmet experience we know your loved ones will enjoy. It contains two bottles of Chapel Hill wine and a selection of exquisite nibbles. As a hamper that has it all, we know your recipient will enjoy every bite. 



How is Healthy Hampers the best for vegan hampers this Christmas season? 

At Healthy Hampers, we specialise in designing dietary appropriate hampers for any and every occasion. All our top selling vegan Christmas Hampers are delightful options we know your recipient will appreciate. We do all the hard work sourcing the best items so you can give your loved ones a memorable Christmas gift. 

See what vegan hampers are available and surprise your loved ones with a hamper they will adore.