We all wake up feeling a little peckish during the night, and there’s nothing better than some healthy late night snacks. 

What is a healthy late night snack?

If you ever wake up feeling hungry or feel peckish before going to bed, you might need a healthy late night snack. 

A late night healthy snack is any item you can enjoy, guilt free. It can be sweet or savoury and provides nutrients that will aid you while you sleep. From giving protein to rebuilding muscle or making you feel drowsy, there are many reasons to feast on late night snacks. Healthy alternatives can also boost your metabolism and can eventually lead to weight loss (if done correctly). 

Why do we need late night healthy snacks?

A healthy late night snack is an alternative to your regular go to snacking items. Nutritionists suggest that the best types of healthy late night snacks are popcorn, vegetables, nuts, fruit, yogurt and beef jerky. Of course, more options are available; we have just listed a few. 

Ideally, a healthy late night snack will be high in protein and healthy fats and low in carbohydrates. This will aid with maintaining your metabolism and improving your sleep (we will go into more about the pros and cons of eating late night snacks later). 

Indulging in delicious healthy late night snacks will quench your hunger and have the potential to improve your wellbeing. If you're interested in some late night healthy snacks, we have a list of healthy options below for you to browse through. 

What to look for in your healthy late night snacks?

The most important thing to look for in healthy late night snacks is delicious foods that don’t have you going to the shops. Late night healthy snacks should be low in carbohydrates and delicious to eat. Ideally, you would like to look for healthy foods that make you want to eat more. 

There are many healthy late night snacks available, but it may take a little trial and error to find the ones you prefer. Once you find a healthy late night snack you enjoy, stock up your shelves and make sure they’re easy to access. Do as much as you can to limit your desire to run to the shops. 

What are the pros and cons of late night snacking?

Much like any diet you go on, there are always some positives and negatives. While they may not be massive deterrents, they can prompt you to stop feasting during the night or encourage you to. Here are some of the benefits and detriments of late night snacking. 


Improve sleep

Depending on the type of late night snacks you consume, different types of foods will give you varying results. Ideally, you want to look for foods that are high in melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle. Any foods with high levels of it can induce drowsiness. A great source of melatonin is pistachios, oats and bananas. Look for healthy snacks that incorporate any of these ingredients, and you may improve your sleep. 

Weight loss 

Healthy late night snacks can aid your weight loss goals. Your body needs a lot of energy while you sleep, and having a late night snack will increase your energy levels. Starvation or hunger can lead to your body storing fats. By eating regular healthy foods, you can boost your metabolism and train your body to break down fat. Increasing your calorie intake will help your body gain enough energy to lose weight. 

Suppresses cravings

A small, planned, healthy late night snack will stop your urge to indulge in a bigger meal. You will be able to sleep through the night and prevent yourself from waking up starving for breakfast. Partaking of a high energy healthy snacks will help you get through the night and reduce the amount of food you consume for breakfast. 

Maintains blood sugars 

Having low level blood sugars will leave you feeling tired and disorientated when you first wake up. The consumption of late night healthy snacks will boost your sugar levels and (if there are no underlining issues) leave you feeling refreshed in the morning. Fantastic healthy foods to boost your blood sugars before bed are nuts, oats and bananas. 


Weight gain

The consumption of unhealthy snacks can increase your waistline. Unhealthy late night snacks can increase your sugar and carbohydrate intake, leaving you with more fat to store and not burn off. During sleep, you require less energy and consuming more than the required amount will prevent you from obtaining your weight loss goals.  


Sometimes you’re not always hungry when you think you are. Individuals will crave food when they are dehydrated. By consuming food instead of water, you're not giving your body the sustenance it needs. Instead, you are giving it food and energy it may not need. 

Cravings for salty foods may be an indication of dehydration. If you're seeking late night snacks, pay attention to what your body is craving. Sometimes you may only need a glass of water. 

Unhealthy choices 

There are a lot of snacks available, and sometimes they are not the best option for you. While unhealthy choices may seem more appealing, healthy snacks will be better for your wellbeing. If you are unsure what late night healthy snacks are good for you and your recipient; we have listed all our favourite types below. 


Everybody is different, so check with your GP or a nutritionist to find out the best choices for you.  

Top 10 best late night snacks

At Healthy Hampers, we may not be selling these snacks individually, but you can find them in our hampers or in our Make Your Own Hamper section. If your recipient enjoys a late night snack, they will love a hamper with some of these items. Have a look at all the different snacks and surprise your loved ones with a healthy gift we know they will appreciate. 

Ceres Organics Chickpea Crisp Varieties 100g 

This fun packet of crisps is light and tasty. It’s vegan friendly, organic, gluten free and dairy free. We have it in our Make Your Own Hamper range and these scrumptious hampers:

Two Wines & Gluten Free Snacks
Happy Gluten Free Hamper
Delightfully Gluten Free
Chardonnay Snacks & Gluten Free
Blooming Prosecco Rosé



Piranha Popcorn Varieties 25g

Popcorn is a snack we all enjoy, and it is the perfect late night option. It’s vegan friendly, gluten free and the ideal addition to your recipient’s pantry. Our Piranha Popcorn Varieties are found in our Make Your Own Hamper selections or in these hampers:

Hopeful Vegan Hamper
Vegan Indulgent Snack Hamper



Brookfarm Macadamias 100g

With no added sugar, this is a fantastic addition to any late night feast. It’s vegan friendly, gluten free, dairy free and paleo friendly. We only have this item available in our Make Your Own Hamper section. Go through all the snack options and create a hamper your recipient will adore. 




Ceres Organics Crispy Rice Cloud Varieties 100g

Whether your recipient is vegan, organic, gluten free or dairy free, we know they will love this tasty snack. You can find our Ceres Organics Crispy Rice Cloud Varieties in our Make Your Own Hamper range or in these hampers: 

Vegan Night With Wine
Family Of Vegan Treats
Delightful Vegan Hamper
Gluten Free Bake & Snack Hamper
Vegan Shiraz & Snack Hamper

Ceres Organics Coconut Wafer Rolls 80g 

This is a delicious healthy late night snacking, weight loss treat we know your recipient will love. Our Ceres Organics Coconut Wafer Rolls are vegetarian, organic, gluten free and dairy free. Add them to a Make Your Own Hamper or find them in these hampers:

Two Wines & Gluten Free Snacks
Delightfully Gluten Free

Alter Eco Chocolate Block 80g 

A chocolate treat doesn’t always need to be unhealthy. The Alter Eco Chocolate Block is a tasty vegan friendly, organic, gluten free, dairy free snack your recipient will enjoy. Find it in our Make Your Own Hamper collection or in the following hampers: 

Happy Gluten Free Hamper
Gluten Free Snack Attack
Delightfully Gluten Free
Hopeful Vegan Hamper



Harvest Box Trail Mixes 50g

If you're looking for a tasty vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free and high protein snack, this is the perfect addition you're looking for. Our Harvest Box Trail Mixes can be in a range of flavours and are a fantastic choice for our Make Your Own Hampers. You can also find this snack in this delicious hamper:

Blooming Prosecco Rosé


Noble Jerky Vegan Jerky 70g 

Gift your loved ones some delicious vegan friendly jerky. The Noble Jerky Vegan Jerky is gluten free, dairy free, high protein and paleo friendly. You can find it in our Make Your Own Hamper section and this stunning hamper:

Celebrating Vegan Style With Wine Choice




Wicked Nuts Infused Peanut Varieties

We have different types of Wicked Nuts Infused Peanut varieties for you to choose from. Currently, they are only available in our Make Your Own Hamper section. The combination of flavours will have various dietary requirements. Have a look at the tags and choose the perfect option to add to your hamper. 




Harvest Box Health Bombs 45g 

Your loved ones can enjoy a healthy sweet treat without leaving their home. Our Harvest Box Health Bombs can be found in our Make Your Own Hamper range. They are gluten free, high in protein and have no added sugars. It’s the perfect addition to your delicious healthy hamper. 




Why should you gift a hamper with healthy late night snacks from Healthy Hampers?

At Healthy Hampers, we’re creating dietary appropriate hampers for your loved ones to enjoy. No two hampers are the same, but they are extremely tasty. Our suggested snacks are the perfect late night snacking additions to make your hamper unforgettable. Treat your loved ones to some delightful healthy late night snacks at Healthy Hampers.