Being a new mum can be challenging, so why not show your support by sending them a healthy hamper?

Throughout their pregnancy and during the early stages of their child's life, new mums have to be very careful of what they eat. There are numerous items they are told to avoid for the health and wellbeing of their child. A fantastic way to show your understanding and support is by organising a healthy hamper for new mums to enjoy. Take a look at some of our top healthy hampers for new mums and give your loved ones a tasty treat you know they will appreciate. 

Why are healthy gift hampers recommended for new mums? 

Throughout pregnancies and breastfeeding, new mums have limitations on what foods they can consume. For the safety of their children, they are recommended to stay away from high mercury fish, alcohol, caffeine, highly processed foods, and more. This information is provided by their doctors who strongly encourage them to follow it. 

But, how does this apply to arranging food gifts? 

At Healthy Hampers, we have a fantastic selection of hampers for new mums. All our gifts are free from nasty ingredients that can be harmful to both mother and child. With a selection of gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, keto and halal hampers to choose from, there’s a little something for all the new mums you know. 

Out top Australian healthy hampers for new mums

When you look for a hamper for new mums, it’s important to not only think about the recipient but their child as well. Ideally, you want to look for an edible gift that won’t harm the mother or child. That’s why healthy hampers are a fantastic gift for all new mums. With a selection of delicious items available, there’s a little something for everyone. Here are some of our top hampers for new mums, take a look at all the included ingredients and see if anything stands out to you. 

Indulgence With Gluten Free

Organise a delicious sweet treat any new mums will be delighted to receive. Our Indulgence With Gluten Free hamper is a fantastic healthy gift that contains a collection of gluten free products, including; chocolate coated almonds, drinking chocolate, cookies, and more. To make this hamper even better, all the snacks are made using natural ingredients.  

Delightfully Gluten Free

Help celebrate this happy time by sending your loved ones our Delightfully Gluten Free hamper. This charming gift includes a delicious collection of sweet and savoury items we know any new mum will be happy to receive. Being gluten free and vegetarian, everything in this hamper is safe for the new mum to enjoy. Have a look at all the included items to see if this is the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

Family Of Vegan Treats

All items in this healthy hamper have been specially made using plant based ingredients. Our Family Of Vegan Treats hamper is gluten free, dairy free, and vegan friendly. With popcorn, chocolate, cheesy mac, and more, it’s the perfect snacking treat for any new mum to enjoy. Check out the product description to see if this hamper has all the tasty nibbles your recipient could want. 

Blue Sky Keto Hamper

This fantastic selection of low carb items is the best healthy hamper to congratulate any new mother with. It contains a delicious range of keto friendly items that are also gluten free and a high source of protein. The Blue Sky Keto Hamper includes pork crackle, vegie bites, a beef stick, and more. As soon as the new mum opens her gift, she won’t be able to stop herself from finishing everything. 

Vegan Indulgent Snack Hamper

Our Vegan Indulgent Snack Hamper has a fantastic selection of tasty bites that will bring a smile to any new mum's face. With chips, popcorn, protein balls, and more, this healthy gift hamper has it all. And to make this hamper even better, not only is it vegan, but it’s also gluten free and dairy free. It’s the best hamper for your friends, family members, or work colleagues. 

A Day For Gluten Free

Surprise all the new mums you know with a hamper that is perfectly safe for them and their child. Our A Day For Gluten Free hamper includes a delicious selection of sweet and savoury bites perfect for any new mum. With lollies, chocolate, popcorn, and more, we have left nothing out of this delicious display. Take a look at all the included items to see if this is the healthy hamper you have been looking for. 

Delightful Vegan Hamper

Being vegan friendly, gluten free and dairy free, this tasty hamper is the perfect gift for any new mum. With a block of chocolate, cheesy mac, rice clouds and more, this healthy gift hamper has it all. And to top it all off, you recipient can relax knowing all the included items are free from harmful ingredients. The only thing you need to do is remember to add a gift message. 

Wholesome Gluten Free Treat

Sending the perfect healthy hamper is a breeze with our Wholesome Gluten Free Treat. This delectable hamper includes chips, marshmallows, cookies and more. With a scrumptious collection of gluten free items, everything in this hamper is ideal for any new mum. Reverb to read the product description to see if this is the best gift for her. 

Keto Bakers Hamper

Any sweets lover will adore our Keto Bakers Hamper. This tasty hamper contains chocolate coated almonds, cake mixture, cookies, and more. Not only is this hamper keto friendly, but it’s also gluten free and vegetarian. See for yourself what makes this hamper for new mums special and surprise her with a gift you know she will love. 

Halal Friendly Gourmet Hamper

With a selection of delectable bites, our Halal Friendly Gourmet Hamper has all the scrumptious items your recipient could hope for and more. With chips, chocolate, cookies, and more, this tasty gourmet hamper has all the makings of an unforgettable gift. 

Find the best healthy gift hampers for new mums at Healthy Hampers

At Healthy Hampers, we’re creating delicious healthy alternative gifts for every special occasion. Our selection of health gift hampers for new mums are free from all nasty ingredients. With a range of vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, keto and halal options to choose from, we know we have the perfect gifts for you. Take your time to look through our above suggestions and organise a fantastic hamper for any new mum you know.