Not every food hamper gift you give needs to be unhealthy. 

In fact, a lot of healthy options are delicious. 

If a special occasion is coming up and your recipient is on a diet, you have come to the perfect place. At Healthy Hampers, we have delicious healthy gifts for all the foodies you know. 

healthy foods

What are the benefits of healthy gifts?

At Healthy Hampers, we want everyone to feel included. Finding healthy gifts for different dietary requirements is the ideal place to start. Giving gifts is a fantastic way to show your care and appreciation. However, we all know how hard it is to come up with ideas. And that’s why food gifts are always fantastic ideas.

Hampers are a very versatile gift. They come in a range of different themes and styles with differing inclusions. Depending on the type of occasion and the individual, you can easily find a hamper suited for their tastes and preferences. 

Healthy hampers are not just limited to healthy alternatives. They come with a range of delicious food products ideal for different dietary requirements. It shouldn’t matter what your recipient's nutritional needs are. You can still send them a healthy hamper filled with snacks they will enjoy. Healthy gift hampers are a fantastic way to let your recipient know your care for their health and wellbeing. You have taken note of their needs and designed a gift made for them. 

Sending healthy hampers can also strengthen your relationship with your recipient. You have taken notice of their preferences and put together a gift tailored to your tastes. By simply paying attention, you are showing an interest in their needs. You have taken the necessary steps to ensure they receive a healthy gift designed for them. 

Is there a difference between a healthy hamper and a regular hamper?

At first glance, you wouldn’t notice any differences between a healthy hamper and a regular hamper. However, there are some slight differences between the two types. At the same time, a regular hamper is usually filled with indulgent snacks. A healthy hamper is more environmentally friendly and caters to more dietary needs. 

Healthy hampers are ideal for any and every dietary requirement. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, organic, keto, or dairy free, finding food gifts that cater to your needs shouldn’t be difficult. Healthy hampers target the needs of minorities. Having dietary requirements isn’t a concern for most people, but if you do have one, finding delicious food gifts can be challenging. 

Regular hampers are crafted for the greater public. They are not created to meet different diets, and in doing so, they have a broader range to choose from. They offer a selection of scrumptious products that anybody can enjoy. 

Tips for selecting healthy hampers

Looking for healthy hampers can be challenging if you’re unfamiliar with the different types. If you’re struggling to find the right health gift hampers for your recipient, here are some useful tips you can follow. 

  1. See if your recipient has any dietary requirements. This is a very important part of the process. Before you begin looking, think about your recipient. Have they mentioned any dietary restrictions? If you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to ask them. It’s better to ask a question instead of getting a gift they can’t enjoy. 

  2. Look for healthy gifts that meet their needs. Finding out which healthy gift is appropriate will differ depending on the store. At Healthy Hampers, we have a menu option that lists all our types of dietary hampers. We also have easy to follow stickers underneath every product description. We have made the process as simple as possible. 

  3. Compare your options. Don’t just settle on the first online you pick. Have a look at other healthy hampers that meet your requirements. Sometimes the first hamper you see isn’t the most suitable. Select a few different ones and see how they are different. However, if you keep going back to one, that is most likely the gift you're looking for. 

  4. Keep your recipient in mind. When looking at different healthy hampers, always think about what your recipient will like. This is a healthy gift for them, so think about their likes and dislikes. Find a healthy gift they will appreciate. Shopping for other people can get stressful, but it’s worth it. 

The best Australian healthy hamper types

At Healthy Hampers, we cater for a variety of different dietary needs. From vegan to keto, we have options for everyone. All our products are sourced from Australian suppliers. Whether you’re shopping for a friend, family member, work colleague, or any other significant person in your life, you can surprise them with a stunning hamper. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to send one either. If you’re simply thinking of them, let them know with a delightful healthy hamper. 

If you’re looking for suggestions, we listed all our most popular hampers for all our dietary options. Have a look at some of our choices and find the perfect hamper for your recipient. 

Vegan Hampers

Maintaining a vegan lifestyle refrains from the usage of animal by products. All vegan products are plant based. They have no dairy, eggs, or meat included. Finding vegan options can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the lifestyle. If you want to know more about being vegan and our vegan options, we have a more thorough and detailed guide

Have a look at some of our best selling options. We have a little something for every occasion. 

Tread Softly Pink Gin Hamper

A little spirit never hurt anyone. Our Tread Softly Pink Gin Hamper is a delicious vegan spirit hamper designed for any occasion. A bottle of Tread Softly Natural Botanicals Pink Gin can be enjoyed straight, with ice, or mixed. Your recipient can enjoy a glass while feasting on a selection of sweet and savoury vegan nibbles. 

Vegan Night With Wine

Vegan Night With Wine product

A glass of wine can help you get through anything. At Healthy Hampers, we have a vast selection of vegan wine hampers, but this one would have to be our favourite. The Vegan Night With Wine comes with a stunning bottle of Farm Hand Organic Chardonnay. Your recipient can pour themselves a glass and enjoy an arrangement of sweet and savoury snacks. 

Gluten Free Cider Hamper

Whether you’re after a vegan beer hamper or a cider one, we highly recommend this hamper. Our Gluten Free Cider Hamper comes with two bottles of Scape Goat cider and a collection of delicious snacks. Your recipient will adore everything included. It’s the perfect healthy hamper for any occasion. 

Organic Hampers

The road to being organic can be difficult when you first start. Maintaining an organic diet demonstrates a more sustainable and less wasteful lifestyle. If you would like to learn more about being organic, have a look at our organic hampers blog

We don’t currently have a large range for you to choose from at the moment, but we are continuing to expand our collection. In the meantime, here are some of our best selling organic hampers. 

Good Organic Mornings

Start the day off right with a delicious, organic breakfast. This is by far our favourite organic hamper. The Good Organic Mornings hamper comes with breakfast pudding, chocolate, jam and tea bags. It’s the best possible way to begin your day. 

All Natural Beauty Kit

All Natural Beauty Kit product

Gift a pamper hamper that comes with a range of natural, organic products. Blessed by Nature is an Australian based company that specialises in making vegan beauty products. We have selected all our favourite products and put them into this hamper. From eye serum to toner, your recipient will adore using everything included. 

Organic Rose Beauty

A relaxing bath has never smelt so good. The sensational rose scents will fill your bathroom and leave you feeling amazing. Our Dr Organic brand is a necessity for every bathroom. Our Organic Rose Beauty comes with shampoo, conditioner, cleansing milk and more. Read about all the included items in our product description. We know your recipient will adore this organic hamper. 

Keto Hampers

A keto diet maintains a high consumption of healthy fats with very few carbohydrates. Finding food gifts can be challenging but worth it. If you want to know more about our keto hampers, here is our detailed guide

Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you need to miss out on delicious foods. Here are some of our popular keto hampers for you to explore. 

Keto Snacks Hamper

The mixture of sweet and savoury has never been so healthy. This keto hamper has everything needed for a delicious snacking feast. With meat sticks, chocolate, cookies and more, your recipient won’t need to g to the supermarket for a while. It’s a healthy hamper we know your recipient will happily devour. 

Keto Deluxe Hamper

Keto Deluxe Hamper product

Why stop at just one drink when you can have three? Choose between three Scape Goat ciders or three O'Brien beers. Design a hamper catered to your recipient's tastes. The Keto Deluxe Hamper also comes with a mouthwatering collection of keto friendly products. It’s a scrumptious hamper designed for any occasion.  

Feeling Rosy Keto Hamper

Fruit, nuts and chocolate are a perfect combination. They can pour themselves a glass of Butterfly Kiss Organic Rosé and enjoy a selection of keto friendly nibbles. The Feeling Rosy Keto Hamper has a lovely assortment of keto products that will bring a little colour to your recipient's face. 

Dairy Free Hampers

Finding dairy free products is difficult and can get expensive. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. At Healthy Hampers, we have the perfect hampers for every dietary requirement. Our dairy free hampers are sweet, savoury and most importantly, delicious. We have listed some of our most popular dairy free hampers below. If you would like to know what other options are available, have a look at our dairy free hampers blog post

Deux Chapel Hill Hamper

Two bottles of wine and a selection of sweet and savoury snacks makes this dairy free hamper phenomenal. The Deux Chapel Hill Hamper includes Chapel Hill’s finest Chardonnay and Shiraz. The wine is perfectly paired with a collection of sweet and savoury snacks, creating a flavour explosion. 

Shiraz Snacks & Gluten Free

Shiraz Snacks & Gluten Free product

Finding food gifts that are gluten free and dairy free can be challenging. But when you know what to look for, it does make the search easier. Our Shiraz Snacks & Gluten Free comes with a gorgeous bottle of Farm Hand Organic Shiraz and a scrumptious collection of sweet and savoury nibbles. Your recipient can pour a glass and have a relaxing night of indulgence. 

Hopeful Vegan Hamper

They won’t be able to help themselves from diving into this dairy free hamper. The Hopeful Vegan Hamper has a lovely variety of delicious tasty snacks perfect for any occasion. Help them celebrate their birthday, anniversary or graduation with a scrumptious hamper designed with their dietary requirements in mind. 

Vegetarian Hampers

Being vegetarian is similar to being vegan, but there are some differences. Like to being vegan, vegetarianism is all about abstaining from meat. Vegetarians can consume other animal by products, making them slightly different from vegans. Below are some of our most popular vegetarian hampers. 

If you would like to learn more about our vegetarian hampers, we have a blog post detailing our vegetarian hampers

Family Of Vegan Treats

A little vegetarian hamper the entire family can enjoy. The Family Of Vegan Treats hamper comes with popcorn, chocolate coated fruit, cheesy mac and more. They will have a smile on their face the moment they open this delicious hamper. We know your recipient and their family will enjoy every bite. 

Gluten Free Bake & Snack Hamper

Gluten Free Bake & Snack Hamper product

This hamper is a sprinkle of sweetness with a touch of deliciousness. The Gluten Free Bake & Snack Hamper is made for any baking fanatic. Your recipient can make and cake and eat it too. Gift a healthy hamper that is completely gluten free and vegetarian. It’s a healthy vegetarian hamper made to be enjoyed. 

Prosecco & Vegan Delight

They can settle down and enjoy a night of delicious vegetarian snacks. A bottle of DeBortoli Prosecco is the star of this delightful hamper. Your recipient can have a glass and enjoy a selection of sweet and savoury nibbles. We know they will enjoy every moment of it. 


Gluten Free Hampers

Options for gluten free hamper can be a little limited. Gluten free hampers avoid the use of wheat, rye and barley. At Healthy Hampers, we have found only the best gluten free products for our hampers. Here are some of our best selling options. Take your time to read about what’s included. We know we have the perfect hamper for every occasion. 

If you want to learn more about finding gluten free hampers, we have put together a more detailed blog covering a wider range of options

Two Wines & Gluten Free Snacks

Two bottles of wine are always better than just one. This is one of our favourite gluten free wine hampers available. Your recipient can start with the Shiraz and finish with a Chardonnay while nibbling on the arrangement of gluten free snacks. We know they will bring a smile to your recipient’s face. 

A Gluten Free Beer Hamper

Gluten Free Beer Hamper Product

Finding a gluten free beer hamper is like looking for a needle in a haystack; very difficult. At Healthy Hampers, we have found a delicious gluten free beer and put it into one of our hampers. Along with an assortment of delightful gluten free snacks, we know anyone with gluten intolerance will appreciate this hamper. 

The Botanical Gin Hamper

A taste of botanicals sets the tone for this gluten free spirits hamper. The Botanical Gin Hamper comes with a lovely arrangement of gluten free, vegan and dairy free snacks. But we all know the star of the show is truly the Tread Softly Natural Botanicals Dry Gin. Your recipient can pour themselves a glass and enjoy all the included nibbles. 

Healthy Gourmet Gift Hampers

Eating healthy doesn’t me you have to avoid everything delicious. At Healthy Hampers, we source only the highest quality items for our hampers. We even have a series of healthy gourmet hampers for your to choose from. Here are some of our more popular options. Give your recipient a taste of luxury and help them celebrate any and every special occasion. 

Prosecco With Gourmet Keto Hamper

It’s a gourmet hamper filled with keto nibbles. You can send your recipient a luxurious hamper filled with a collection of scrumptious items. Our Prosecco With Gourmet Keto Hamper comes with a bottle of DeBortoli Prosecco and a collection of all our favourite keto snacks. We know they will appreciate this healthy gift hamper with chocolate, nuts, air dried steak, and more. 

The Chapel Shiraz Hamper

The Chapel Shiraz Hamper product

The best gourmet hampers come with wine, sweet treats and savoury bites. The Chapel Shiraz Hamper has a lovely Chapel Hill McLaren Vale Shiraz bottle and a mixture of sweet and savoury snacks. This gourmet hamper is completely vegan and dairy free. It’s the perfect gift for any and every occasion. 

Sunny Side Keto Hamper

Eating healthy has never tasted so good. The Sunny Side Keto Hamper is vegetarian, keto friendly and gluten free. With an abundance of gourmet items, we know your recipient will enjoy every bite. Have a look at the list of products included. Your recipient will love this hamper as much as we do. 

What are the most popular healthy hampers across Australia?

At Healthy Hampers, we have been in the gifting game for a little while now and have noticed some trends throughout Australia. Have a look at some of our most popular hampers for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We can guarantee they are the perfect healthy gift hampers for anyone on any occasion. 

Top selling healthy hampers in Melbourne

Do you have a health conscious loved one living in Melbourne? We can almost guarantee they will adore one of these hampers. Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring, and these healthy hampers are anything but. Give a little excitement and deliciousness with one of our best selling health hampers in Melbourne. 

Her Pamper Time

The best way to relax after a long day is with a glass of wine and chocolate. Our Her Pamper Time includes a Brown Brothers King Valley Prosecco Rosé bottle, soy candle, hand cream, chocolate and more. It’s the perfect hamper for a lovely pamper session. 

A Day For Gluten Free

A Day For Gluten Free product

It’s a hamper filled with gluten free products from morning until evening. The breakfast pudding, soup sachet, and gluten free snacks will ensure your recipient has enough tasty treats to cover the entire day. Celebrate any occasion with a healthy gift hamper your recipient can enjoy/ 

Sending Well Wishes Hamper

If you know someone feeling a little under the weather, this is the perfect healthy gift to remind them they are in your thoughts. This hamper is filled with natural and delicious ingredients. It's a healthy hamper designed to lift their spirits and soothe their ailments.  

Top selling healthy hampers in Sydney

Sydney is a hub for all things trendy and healthy. Whether your recipient is on a diet or just prefers eating healthier foods, we know they will appreciate any of these hampers. Have a look at our top selling healthy hampers in Sydney. We know your recipient will love them. 

Blooming Prosecco Rosé

They can light their new candle and relax as the delightful scent fills the room. Our Blooming Prosecco Rosé hamper includes a delicious Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé and a selection of indulgent treats. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or celebration, give them a gift you know they will enjoy. 

Wholesome Gluten Free Treat

Wholesome Gluten Free Treat product

This is a completely gluten free snack hamper. With an assortment of sweet and savoury snacks, your recipient will enjoy each bite. It’s the perfect hamper for every occasion. Have a look at what’s included and see if it’s the right healthy hamper for your recipient. 

Blue Sky Keto Hamper

It’s a hamper that’s keto friendly and gluten free. The Blue Sky Keto Hamper has a pork crackle, chocolate, beef sticks and more. Every bite is packed full of flavour. Send a celebratory gift to your friends, family members and any other significant person you can think of. 

Top selling healthy hampers in Brisbane

Brisbane seems a bit far, but it doesn’t have to be. At Healthy Hampers, you can send a hamper to your loved ones across Australia. All you need to do is find out if they have any dietary requirements. Have a look at some of our best selling healthy hampers in Brisbane. Gift your loved ones a stunning healthy gift hamper perfect for any occasion. 

Blushing Keto Hamper

A little heat will put colour on their face. The Blushing Keto Hamper comes with a variety of keto friendly items that are bursting with flavour. Every bite will leave you wanting more. With air dried steak, chocolate, pork crackle, and more, your recipient will adore this fantastic treat. 

Pampering Treat

Pampering Treat product

The best way to relax is with a soothing bath. This is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries. After all, a collection of sweet nibbles are the ideal accompaniment for a bath and a glass of Freixenet Italian Rose Sparkling Wine. 

Delightfully Gluten Free

For the vegetarian or gluten free person you know. The Delightfully Gluten Free hamper comes with various scrumptious treats that are delightfully scrumptious. The best healthy hampers to receive come with chips, chocolates and lollies. Have a look at what’s included and send a stunning gift to your loved ones. 

Can you make your own hamper?

At Healthy Hampers, we understand that there are many different dietary needs and preferences. If you can’t find the right hamper for your special someone, have you considered making one? We have a Make Your Own Hampers section where you can select all your recipient's favourite items. Make a healthy hamper tailored to their tastes. 

Don’t worry about not knowing if an item meets your recipient’s dietary needs. At Healthy Hampers, we have labelled all our products. Whether they are vegan friendly, vegetarian, gluten free, organic, keto friendly, or dairy free, a guide can be found in the upper right hand corner. Carefully select the right items and create a hamper made for your recipient. 

Do your want to add a little something extra? We also have a section where you can include a customisable item. Write a message on a candle, wine bottle, beer bottle or chocolate box. Design a healthy hamper that’s unique. 

What are Healthy Hampers delivery options? 

Send a healthy hamper anywhere in Australia. At Healthy Hampers, we have a third-party courier service that deliveries Australia wide. Our express delivery service is $14.95 and guarantees your order is dispatched the same day when placed on a business day before 2 pm AEDT. Our Standard delivery is $9.95 and is dispatched between 1-2 business days. 

We have an estimated next day delivery for all our orders. However, if you live in a rural area, it can take an extra couple of days to deliver the order. 

Have a look at our shipping information if you would like to learn more about our delivery services. 

Why should you shop at Healthy Hampers?

At Healthy Hampers, all our healthy gift hampers come in reusable and recyclable packaging. We aim to pave a healthy and more sustainable future. Our healthy hampers are created using the highest quality products that are a greener alternative. 

Every Healthy gift hamper purchased helps support the regrowth of Australia’s native bushland. You can help rebuild natural homes and habitats by simply purchasing a hamper. Make your recipient’s day happier and greener with a healthy hamper from Healthy Hampers.