Is your son’s or daughter’s dietary choices of late worrying you? Have they been loading up on nothing but empty calories and sugar since they moved away to university? Sometimes, calling them up to hand them an earful won’t have the effect you expect. After all, jampacked class schedules don’t allow time for much else except instant ramen, pizza, and café lunches.


This Christmas, you could give them a hand with making healthy choices. Send your kids a gift full of healthy bakes and bites instead of the usual array of saccharine Christmas snacks. Busy students who are short on time to make healthy choices will appreciate it too. It’s more encouraging than mere advice.


Choosing to gift health-consciously this Christmas needn’t be exclusive to parents. Switching up traditional present choices with healthy ones is certainly welcome in modern times when sugar-filled foods seem to be the cheapest and most available options at supermarkets.


This season when you prepare Christmas hampers with the rest of the gifts for your friends and family, opt to make a healthy version of the traditional hamper. Luckily, it will neither need to be boring nor lack any Christmas flare.


At Healthy Hampers, we strove to make your Christmas gift a healthy one that doesn’t miss a beat on Christmas goodness.



Aussies Say Good Health is True Wealth


The post-covid world experienced exorbitant changes to everything we once knew. Our views of health and finances have never before changed to this extent, so suddenly, and both at the same time.


Since 2020, prioritizing your body’s immunity and strength became, quite literally, about life or death. With the unexpected rises in the cost of living, it appears that staying healthy and spending wisely is balancing yourself on a tightrope.


Now, Australians want to eat nutritiously and exercise more than they ever have. Over 80% of Australians say they now put staying healthy as the priority for them and their families.


Overall habits are changing sooner than we think. More people are attempting to replace all daily items of use with wholesome organic products that can keep hearts and minds clean.



Healthy Christmas Hampers: The Better Choice


In the new era, people are turning to health and minimalism. What if we do the same with our holiday habits?


Christmas gifts were always meant to be a display of deep affection and care. Our ancestors gifted rich fatty foods to each other because they were rare and difficult to come by. Now, when full-bodied carbs are numerous, perhaps healthy super-foods are what show the most love? Since they are not so easily purchased, certain foods made for fitness may be the best choice to fill up this year’s hampers with.


But there’s a catch, you don’t want your Christmas gifts to be minimal. They need to be extravagant! A complete display splendour that says you went an extra six miles to get them something good.


Healthy Hampers got your back! Our Christmas hampers are not only wholesome and healthy, they look sensational! Packed in boxes with sleek modern designs and wrapped with a bow, our hampers are crafted to have no shortage of snacks or wow factor!


Our store packs an array of healthy and luxurious Christmas hamper choices with some themed to match very particular dieting needs.



Healthy Hampers Go Beyond Gifting


We’ve made hefty efforts to ensure that our hamper gifts are not just nutritious for the body but also healthy for our homes and Australia.


Our packing a 100% recyclable and our goodies are fully locally sourced. Supporting local businesses has far-reaching benefits that go beyond supporting the national economy. Businesses at home expend less energy on transportation, reducing their carbon footprint significantly. They also use a measuredly lower amount of pesticides in food production and fewer, or no, preservatives to keep them fresh.


The health benefits of buying locally-sourced foods are clear and incontestable.



Healthy Hampers Indulgence with Gluten Free is here to emphasize that a healthier diet does not mean you’ll be cutting down on fun. Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Mud Cookies, Chocolate Coated Peanut Brittle, and Roasted Almonds in Dark Chocolate, this hamper could be renamed the Gluten-free Chocolate Indulgence.

Indulgence with Gluten Free

A Healthy Reindeer may not eat most of what’s in this hamper, but you and your friends can! Salted vinegar chips and beer make most human beings very happy.

A Healthy Reindeer Christmas Hamper

Our Keto Snacks Hamper are for friends adhering to a keto diet with extreme resilience. For those folks who decided to take their wellness journey to the next level, this hamper lets them take a few healthy cheat days with an abundance of healthy keto snack options.

Keto Snacks Hamper

It’s not just about food. Healthy Hampers has a hamper for those who want to take their loved ones’ self-care to a higher standard. This All Natural Beauty Kit encourages the recipient to try out healthy alternatives to their usual spa products.

All Natural Beauty Kit



A Hamper Just for Them


We know you don’t want to be caught sending out generic gifts this Christmas. At the Healthy Hamper’s store, you will have plenty of gift customization options with just two clicks. Before finalizing your order, click on the “Make it even more personal” option on the product page. You can add your own message or customize labels here.


For the ultimate personalized gift hamper, our store allows you to build a hamper of your own. Your family will certainly be able to see your effort through such a lovely gift.



How To Order?


Christmas deliveries stack up quickly, and nationwide shipping speed can slow down. However, to secure the reception of your Healthy Christmas Gifts, we put in place a few things to give you peace of mind.


For any order above A$ 100, we provide free standard shipping Australia-wide. Our express shipping is just A$ 17.95.


Orders to be delivered in the Melbourne Metro area get same-day delivery for just $ 19.95. However, orders must be placed before 12 PM AEST on a business day. They will be delivered by a responsible Healthy Hampers courier to make sure they get to their destination safely.


We only use trusted shipping partners with guaranteed track records of timely and secure delivery to ensure that your gift receives the best treatment.



Visit Healthy Hampers today to find the perfectly healthy and magical Christmas gifts you’ve been looking for all these years. Keeping your family healthy doesn’t need to be difficult!