It shouldn’t matter how old you are or your dietary needs. Everyone deserves to be able to feast on delicious healthy snacks. 

At Healthy Hampers, we have a full range of delicious vegan friendly, keto, vegetarian, gluten free, and dairy free healthy snack hampers for you to choose from. 

It doesn’t matter what the occasion may be. You can send healthy snacks to your family members, friends, work leagues and any other significant people in your life. Find the perfect gift for their birthday, anniversary, graduation and all other special events. While they might have dietary requirements, that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on tasty foods. 

Take your time and have a look at all our suggested healthy snack hampers. We know your recipient will adore all of them. 

Healthy life

Why do people choose to eat and live a healthy lifestyle?

There are many different reasons why people live alternative healthy lifestyles. Some of the most popular reasons for living a healthier lifestyle include; religious values, losing/maintaining weight, reducing health problems and personal beliefs. 

Healthy snacks can incorporate many different nutritional benefits, whether physical, mental, or emotional wellbeing. We all have our preferred comfort foods, and being able to send your loved ones a hamper they can enjoy can make all the difference. 

Every lifestyle is different, and what works for one person might not affect another. We all choose different beliefs, values and habits. Finding the right one for you is only the start of the journey. Learning to maintain it takes time and patience, but it will be worth it in the end. 

Why do you need healthy snacks hamper gifts? 

Everyone should be able to enjoy scrumptious foodie gifts, and having a dietary requirement shouldn’t hinder you from enjoying delicious healthy snacks. At Healthy Hampers, we want everyone to feel included. In doing so, we have designed various hampers for different dietary requirements. 

Healthy snack hampers allow you to show your support and include your loved ones. You’re showing you pay attention to what they’re doing and have found appropriate gifts catering to their needs. While you might not live the same lifestyle, you can still gift them a healthy snack hamper they can enjoy. Giving a delicious gift can help build and strengthen your relationship. 

Giving a hamper filled with healthy alternatives can also increase productivity and energy levels. Healthy snacks do a lot more for the body and mind when compared to high sugar snacks. At Healthy Hampers, not only do we have healthier alternatives, they taste amazing as well. Let your loved ones know you care for their health and wellbeing with a healthy snack hamper.

How to select healthy snacks?

At Healthy Hampers, all our snacks can be found in our range of hampers; however, if you want to choose your own snacks, we have a Make Your Own Hamper section. Our Make Your Own Hamper section allows you to select from our range of available snacks. All our healthy snacks have little symbols indicating what dietary requirements they cover. If you don’t know what each one means, we have a key below for you to follow. 

From sweet to savoury, we have a lot of snacks available for you to choose from. Have a look at all the options and create a hamper your recipient will adore. 

Top Australian healthy snacks to buy

Everyone deserves to enjoy delicious snacks. A Healthy Hampers, we specialise in providing healthier alternatives for different dietary requirements. We have sourced only the highest quality items for all our healthy snack hampers. Whether you’re after a hamper with alcohol or not, we have the perfect options your recipient will appreciate. Have a look at our range of healthy snack hampers and find the ideal gift to send your loved ones. 

Best healthy snacks for kids

Finding healthy snacks for kids can be a little challenging. Of course, there are plenty of options available, but it’s not always easy to find appropriate dietary snacks. When it comes to sending a healthy gift hamper to children, the reason behind the gift doesn’t matter. They will appreciate anything they can eat and enjoy. All the snacks in our suggested hampers are made using natural ingredients. And a nice addition is that they are perfect for healthy school snacks. You can keep to their dietary requirements or introduce them to a range of healthy alternatives with one of these hampers. 

Sending Well Wishes Hamper

Sending Well Wishes Hamper product

Created using natural ingredients, all the items in our Sending Well Wishes Hamper are designed to lift spirits. If you know a child who is feeling a little under the weather, this is a fabulous hamper to send them. With a ‘Get Well Soon’ teddy, organic drinking chocolate, crackers and more, they’ll feel better in no time. Improve their mental wellbeing with this delicious hamper. 

Indulgence With Gluten Free

Send an indulgent hamper that gluten free, vegan, and dairy free. Our Indulgence With Gluten Free hamper has a range of delicious healthy school snacks any child would be happy to receive. It comes with chocolate, biscuits, nuts and more. It’s a healthy treat they’ll enjoy every moment of. 

Best healthy late night snacks

The best kinds of food are the ones you can feast on at midnight. Healthy late night snacks are the perfect treat you don’t want anyone else to know you’re having. Send your loved ones a delicious hamper they can enjoy late at night when they should be asleep. Our suggested hampers cover a range of different dietary requirements. Have a look at which ones are appropriate and find a hamper your loved ones will adore.  

Family Of Vegan Treats

Family Of Vegan Treats product

Late nights are best enjoyed with delicious snacks. Our Family Of Vegan Treats hampers includes popcorn, mac and cheese, chocolate and more. All the healthy late night snacks you could ever wish for. It’s a healthy feast anyone would appreciate. The best thing about this hamper is that it’s completely vegan. 

Blooming Prosecco Rosé

Have a relaxing late night pamper session with scrumptious treats. The best way to spend a night at home is by relaxing with a candle, glass of wine and delectable nibbles. Our Blooming Prosecco Rosé is the perfect gift for healthy late night snacks. It’s vegetarian, gluten free and tasty. 

Best healthy afternoon snacks

There’s nothing better than when you can come home after a long day at work or school and enjoy a selection of healthy afternoon snacks. They can pour themselves a drink and enjoy a selection of delicious healthy snacks. Your recipient will greatly appreciate one of our suggested hampers. Have a look at what’s included and see if any of them work with their dietary restrictions. 

Wholesome Gluten Free Treat

Wholesome Gluten Free Treat product

Maintaining a gluten free diet can be a little draining. Your snacking options are limited, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you’re looking for a healthy gluten free hamper, this is the perfect option for you. With a range of sweet and savoury snacks, this is the perfect gluten free hamper for healthy afternoon snacks. 

Tread Softly Pink Gin Hamper

Adults can enjoy a glass of gin with their collection of healthy sweet snacks. The Tread Softly Pink Gin Hamper is vegan friends, gluten free, dairy free and delicious. You can complete your recipient's healthy afternoon snacking feast with this gorgeous hamper. 

Best healthy savoury snacks

Healthy snacks have a bad reputation for not being tasty, and that’s no longer the case. At Healthy Hampers, we have sourced only the highest quality healthy savoury snacks for your enjoyment. Our suggested hampers have the perfect healthy snacks for work, school and home. They are both different and appeal to various dietary requirements. Read through the products descriptions and send your loved ones a healthy hamper they will appreciate. 

Chardonnay Snacks & Gluten Free

Chardonnay Snacks & Gluten Free product

Your recipient can pour themselves a glass of Chardonnay after opening this hamper. While healthy savoury snacks are the main part of this hamper, there is also some chocolate coated almonds included as well. The Chardonnay Snacks & Gluten Free hamper is the perfect gift to put a smile on their face. 

Sunny Side Keto Hamper

Our Sunny Side Keto Hamper comes with various savoury treats perfect for a keto diet. With cheddar puffs, cashews, cracker thins and more, there’s no shortage of healthy savoury snacks. This is the ideal hamper for any occasion, and your recipient will thoroughly enjoy all the included snacks. 

Best healthy protein snacks

While we don’t have many healthy protein hampers at the moment, some of our keto options do have items rich in protein. Our suggested hampers included different products. We highly recommend reading our product descriptions and having a look at everything included. Our listed hampers with healthy protein snacks are perfect for any occasion. Surprise your loved ones with a gift they will enjoy. 

Blushing Keto Hamper

Blushing Keto Hamper product

Our Blushing Keto Hamper is gluten free, keto friendly and high in protein. All the included products are flavourful and mouth watering. With pork crackle, air dried chilli steak, protein cookies and more, we know your recipient will enjoy every bite. 

Blue Sky Keto Hamper

Send them a hamper they didn’t know they needed. The Blue Sky Keto Hamper includes a range of healthy high protein snacks that are keto friendly. Have a look at everything included in this hamper. We know your recipient will enjoy a snacking feast. 

Best healthy vegan snacks

Being vegan is all about abstaining from items with animal byproducts. When you’re unfamiliar with the lifestyle, it can be a little challenging to find appropriate snacks. Our suggested vegan hampers contain scrumptious and healthy vegan snacks. Have a look at all the included and choose the hamper best suited to your recipient’s tastes. 

Prosecco & Vegan Delight

Prosecco & Vegan Delight product

Healthy vegan snacks almost come with the territory. They are all plant based and come in a range of flavours. Our Prosecco & Vegan Delight comes with a bottle of DeBortoli Prosecco and a range of sweet and savoury snacks. It’s the perfect hamper for any vegan you know. 

Delightful Vegan Hamper

Our Delightful Vegan Hamper has all the snacks covered from breakfast to dinner. You recipient can enjoy a range of sweet and savoury bites that are completely vegan. Have a look at all the included items and surprise your loved ones with a vegan hamper they will enjoy. 

Best healthy pregnancy snacks

Finding healthy pregnancy snacks can be a little difficult. Every pregnancy is different and can have a list of foods to avoid. Below we have suggested a few different hampers with healthy snacks; however, they may not apply to all recipients. Carefully read through the product descriptions of our recommendations to ensure the hamper is an appropriate choice. If you’re unsure whether or not you can consume certain foods, have a chat with your doctor and make sure your dietary needs can be managed. 

Keto Snacks Hamper

Keto Snacks Hamper product

Try gifting a snack hamper that's a little different. The Keto Snacks Hamper includes a range of different sweet and savoury snacks that are gluten free and keto friendly. This hamper is a fantastic combination of healthy and delicious. 

Love Bug Vegan Delight

Our Love Bug Vegan Delight is gluten free, dairy free and vegan friendly. It includes a range of delicious snacks that can be enjoyed during pregnancy. Have a look at all the included items and make sure they are suitable for your recipient. 

Best healthy lunch snacks

A hamper filled with healthy lunch snacks is a fantastic gift to send your loved ones. It doesn't matter how old your recipient is. They can enjoy our suggested snack hampers at work and school. The hampers listed below cater for different dietary requirements. Read through our product descriptions and make sure they are appropriately meet your recipient's dietary needs. 

Happy Gluten Free Hamper

Happy Gluten Free Hamper product

The Happy Gluten Free Hamper includes a range of sweet and savoury products that are gluten free and vegetarian. This hamper includes chips, chocolate, cookies and more. It has all the healthy lunch snacks needed to put a smile on your recipient's face. 

Vegan Snack Attack

Send your recipient a hamper filled with vegan, gluten free, dairy free and healthy lunch snacks. With chickpeas, protein balls and more, it’s a delicious arrangement of snacks and is the perfect gift for any occasion. 

Best healthy movie snacks

The best way to watch a movie is with a series of delicious snacks you and your recipient can enjoy. Surprise your recipient with a hamper filled with healthy movie snacks. Your recipient can put on their favourite flick and treat themselves to your stunning hamper. It doesn't matter what the occasion may be. You can surprise them with a tasty gift they will never forget. Here are some of our best healthy movie snack hampers. 

Shiraz Snacks & Gluten Free

Shiraz Snacks & Gluten Free product

The best way to watch a movie is with a glass of shiraz and delicious snacks. It’s the perfect hamper for one or more people to enjoy. The Shiraz Snacks & Gluten Free is vegan friendly, gluten free and dairy free. With popcorn, almonds, crisps and more, it’s the perfect combination for a movie night. 

Hopeful Vegan Hamper

Movie nights are only complete with popcorn, chocolate and all things delicious. The Hopeful Vegan Hamper has all the ingredients needed for a movie night. This is the perfect hamper for any occasion. Have a look at everything included and send your loved ones a hamper they will enjoy. 

Best healthy gluten free snacks

Being gluten free isn’t easy. The available healthy gluten free snacks are limited and expensive. Surprise your loved ones with a hamper filled with nothing but healthy gluten free snacks. They are tasty, delicious and packed full of flavour. Have a look at all the included items and pick a hamper that best suits their needs. Make that special occasion unforgettable with one of these awesome snack hampers.  

Gluten Free Bake & Snack Hamper

Gluten Free Bake & Snack Hamper product

Have some fun in the kitchen with some healthy gluten free snacks. The Gluten Free Bake & Snack Hamper features a cupcake mixture, tea bags, soup and more. Have a look at what’s included and send your loved ones a hamper they will enjoy. 

Gluten Free Snack Attack

With sweet and savoury healthy snacks, the Gluten Free Snack Attack is the perfect hamper for anyone who is gluten intolerant. There’s a variety of products included that are ideal for a delicious snacking feast. 

Best healthy snacks to lose weight

Losing weight can be difficult. It takes a lot of time and perseverance, but it is always worth it when you accomplish your goal. One of the popular diets for losing weight is the keto diet. It consists of partaking in high amounts of healthy fats with limited carbohydrates. Surprise your loved ones with a keto friendly hamper they can enjoy. Here are some of our top picks for healthy snacks to lose weight. 

Keto Deluxe Hamper

Keto Deluxe Hamper product

Pick their favourite gluten free beverage and gift them a deluxe hamper that’s keto friendly and delicious. The Keto Deluxe Hamper comes with meat sticks, crackers, pork crackle and more. Maintaining a keto diet will help you healthily lose weight. 

Keto Bakers Hamper

It’s vegetarian, gluten free and keto friendly. The Keto Bakers Hamper is filled with healthy weight loss snacks that follow a keto diet. Have a look at all the included products and surprise your recipient with a hamper made for their diet. 

Best healthy low carb snacks

Maintaining a low carbohydrate diet isn’t easy. Most easy to get snacks are high in flavour and low in carbs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious healthy alternatives. Below we have listed some of our best healthy low carb snack hampers. They cater for a keto diet and contain scrumptious, healthy options we know your recipient will enjoy. 

Keto Crackle Hamper

Keto Crackle Hamper product

A Healthy Hampers, our Keto Crackle Hamper is low in carbs and delicious. It comes with chocolate, pork crackle and protein cookies. Your recipient will appreciate receiving a keto friendly hamper tailored to their tastes. 

Prosecco With Gourmet Keto Hamper

The best way to enjoy snacks is with a glass of wine. The Prosecco With Gourmet Keto Hamper features a bottle of DeBortoli Prosecco and an arrangement of healthy low carb snacks. Read through the product description and send this incredible hamper to your loved ones. 

Why should you buy healthy snack hampers from Healthy Hampers?

At Healthy Hampers, we have designed a range of hampers filled with appropriate dietary snacks. It doesn’t matter whether you’re dairy free, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian or keto. We have different options for various diets. Have a look at the recommendations listed above and find the perfect healthy snack hampers for your loved ones to enjoy.