Make Your Own Healthy Mother’s Day Hamper

Whether you’re celebrating your mum, aunt, step mum, grandma or any other remarkable woman, Mother’s Day is a fantastic time to show your love and appreciation. Our mums have done so much for us, so this year, you can thank them with a hamper catered to their tastes. Give a little happiness and joy with a Mother’s Day healthy hamper. 

How to make your own Mother’s Day hamper

Making your own hamper allows you to choose what items to include. At Healthy Hampers, we cater to different dietary requirements. We have options that are vegan, organic, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free and keto friendly. Give your mum a gift you know she will love. If you would like to create your own Mother’s Day gift hampers, here are some steps you can follow. 

  1. Locate our Make Your Own Hamper section. At Healthy Hampers, we have a Make Your Own Hamper section pinned to our menu. You will also be able to go to the site using the attached links. 

  2. Choose what type of hamper you want to create. When you scroll down our Make Your Own Hamper page, you will see two types of hampers; the Healthy Gift Hamper and the Healthy Snack Hamper. Both hamper types are similar, but there are some differences between them. 

    Healthy Gift Hamper

    Our Healthy Gift Hamper option has our complete range of Make Your Own Hamper products. In this collection, you can add alcohol, snacks, beauty products, candles, keepsakes and more. By making a Healthy Gift Hamper, you have complete access to all our available customisable hamper items. 

    You can include: 

    Up to 2 bottles of wine, champagne, spirits or sparkling 
    Up to 4 bottles of beer, cider or mixers

    1 personalised product (The wine and beer customisation apply to the above quantity limits)
    Up to 8 snack options
    Up to 4 pamper and home products

    Healthy Snack Hamper

    The Healthy Snack Hamper is exactly how it sounds. The only products available in this category are our sweet and savoury nibbles. All items are marked to show what dietary restrictions they are related to. 

    You can include:

    Up to 15 snack options 

    Prices for both hampers will vary depending on what items you choose. You can keep track of the cost in the bottom left corner. 


  3. Pick a sleeve. At Healthy Hampers, we have options for every occasion, and you can design a hamper that suits your event. Say ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Congratulations’, and ‘Get Well Soon’ with one of our hamper sleeves. 

  4. Start adding items. Depending on what type of Make Your Own Hamper you choose, you will be taken to different sections. Healthy Gift Hampers will show you our collection of personalised products, while the Healthy Snack Hampers will take you to our savoury bites. Once you get to this point, you can add a selection of items your mum will enjoy. 

  5. Follow the prompts. Our website will let you know when you have reached your quantity limits. All your selected items will be located at the top of the page, where you can easily add or remove items. All you need to do is take your time and look for products your mother figures will love. 

Please note that Make Your Own Hampers may take up to 48 hours to complete. Once your order is ready to ship, you will receive a notification and tracking information. 

Top items to add to your Mother’s Day healthy hamper

At Healthy Hampers, we want you to have a lot of variety. And because we have many products to choose from, it can be a little challenging to decide which items to include. With vegan, vegetarian, organic, gluten free, dairy free and keto friendly items, you’ll be able to construct an unforgettable Mother’s Day gift hamper. If you would like some suggestions, here are some of our most popular products.  


Charlie's On The Go Artisan Cookies 20g 


Our Charlie's On The Go Artisan Cookies are vegan friendly, gluten free and dairy free. They’re plant powered and made with real chocolate. They are the perfect addition to give your hamper a sweetness your mum craves. 




Freckleberry Love Freckle Word 60g


Let your mum know how much you love her by including our Freckleberry Love Freckle. It's gluten free and a delicious way to show how much your mum means to you. 




Summer Salt Body Crystals Essential Oil Rollers 10ml 


Beauty and pamper items are an essential component of any Mother’s Day gift hamper. Our Summer Salt Body Crystals Essential Oil Rollers are vegan friendly and have a variety of soothing scents. 




Koala Eco Hand & Body Lotion 500ml 


Made with natural ingredients, our Koala Eco Hand & Body Lotion will help your mum relax after a long day. She can enjoy the lemon scent of our favourite eco friendly beauty product. It’s good for the environment and vegan friendly as well. 




Keri Scented Candle Cloche


You can never go wrong with a scented candle. The Keri Scented Candle Cloche is a beautiful addition to any Mother’s Day gift hamper. Your mum can light her new candle and focus on the stunning aromas. 




Chandon Sparkling Rosé 750ml


The best way to celebrate Mother’s Day is with a bottle of sparkling rosé. With fresh strawberries and raspberries on the nose, our Chandon Sparkling Rosé is a complex mix of delightful flavours that will leave her feeling spoiled. 




Pukka Organic Tea Box Varieties 20pk 


If your mum loves a cup of tea, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to include this item. Our Pukka Organic Tea Box Varieties are the little something extra you’re looking for. They’re vegan friendly, organic, gluten free, dairy free, and have no added sugar. It’s a fragrant treat we know your mum will love. 



Why should you make your own Mother’s Day hamper at Healthy Hampers? 

At Healthy Hampers, we’re paving the way to a more sustainable future. All our hampers are packaged using recyclable and reusable products. Our high quality items are ideal for every occasion. This Mother’s Day, you can surprise those remarkable women with an Earth friendly Make Your Own Hamper from Healthy Hampers.