There are many ways you can define what healthy food gifts are. While a lot of people will associate healthy food types with fruit, vegetables, meats, dairy and grains, there are other types you may not be aware of. For example, being vegan or gluten free will create new food categories and restrictions. 

But why do we need healthy gifts? 

Healthy hampers are a fantastic way to show your love and support to your recipient. By giving them a healthy gift box, you’re ensuring their getting a hamper that aligns with their diet, beliefs or values. Healthy hampers comes with a delicious selection of tasty snacks for all dietary restrictions. 

At Healthy Hampers, we know how important it is to create moments with gifts your recipient can enjoy. Whether your loved ones are gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free or on a keto diet, we have the best gifts for all their dietary needs. Take a look at some of our selling healthy food gifts and see if anything stands out to you. 

How to select the best healthy food gifts 

Much like any other gift you give, you want to find a healthy hamper that aligns with your recipient’s needs. But how can you know what the best healthy food gifts for your loved ones are? At Healthy Hampers, we want to help you find the best healthy gift boxes for your recipient. Read through some of our tips and give your loved ones a delicious healthy hamper. 

Find out what your recipient’s dietary needs are

Before you start looking for gifts, one of the most important things you can do is find out what your recipient’s dietary needs are. Whether you choose to have a conversation with your recipient or someone closer to them, find out as much as you can about their dietary restrictions and note down everything you learn. 

Get other people involved

Deciding which healthy hamper to go with can be challenging. There are many options available, but how can you know what's the best option for your recipient? Getting other people involved will help you narrow down your choices and ensure you stay on track. Remember to refer to any notes you took as you look for a healthy food gift. 

Keep your recipient and the occasion in mind

As you go through different healthy hampers, remember to keep your recipient's preferences and dietary needs while searching. This is a healthy gift box for them, so it’s best to organise a gift you know they will appreciate and matches the occasion's theme. For example, if it’s for a birthday, look for celebratory healthy hampers. While it’s important to give your recipient a healthy food gift that aligns with their needs, it’s also important that it matches the occasion. 

Add a message

Taking the time to add a message to your gift will only make your healthy hamper extra special. You can be a little creative and fun as you leave a message for your recipient. At Healthy Hampers, all our gifts come with a free “For You” greeting card or for an additional $4.95, you can add a different themed card. Have a look at what options are available and find a suitable card for the special occasion. 

Give your recipient one of the best healthy hampers in Australia

At Healthy Hampers, we specialise in creating delicious treats for different dietary restrictions. Our healthy gift boxes contain a range of delicious items we know your recipient will appreciate. Take a look at some of our top selling healthy hamper options and see if anything stands out to you. 

Vegan Snack Attack

With a selection of tasty sweet and savoury snacks, our Vegan Snack Attack is perfect for all ages to enjoy. This delicious hamper includes lollies, cookies, chocolate and more. And if this hamper couldn’t get any better, it’s also gluten and dairy free. Read the product description to see if this is the perfect gift for you. 

Love Bug Vegan Delight

Delicious nibbles are only the beginning with our tasty Love Bug Vegan Delight. With popcorn, protein balls, chocolate and drinking chocolate, all the included items are healthy options we know your recipient will appreciate. Surprise your friends, family and work colleagues with a scrumptious healthy food gift that aligns with their dietary needs. 

Keto Snacks Hamper

Any health conscious individual will appreciate our Keto Snacks Hamper. With a collection of keto friendly and gluten free items, this hamper has a little something for everyone to enjoy. Take a look at all the included items to see if this is the perfect gift you have been looking for. 

Keto Deluxe Hamper

Choose your recipient’s favourite beverage and send them a healthy food gift you know they will love. Our Keto Deluxe Hamper allows you to pick either our O’Brien gluten free beers or Scape Goat gluten free cider. It’s a refreshing celebratory gift that’s perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and any other happy occasion. 

Delightfully Gluten Free

Our Delightfully Gluten Free has a collection of gluten free nibbles that will put a smile on your recipient's face. This fantastic hamper includes chocolate, a cookie, crisps and more. No matter what their age is, this hamper is perfect for all your loved ones. 

Two Wines & Gluten Free Snacks

You can never go wrong when gifting our Two Wines & Gluten Free Snacks hamper. This delicious treat includes two bottles of Nature’s Harvest wine along with a delicious selection of sweet and savoury bites. And to make this hamper even better, it’s also vegetarian. Surprise your friends and family members with this incredibly healthy food gift. 

Indulgence With Gluten Free

Gift your loved ones a sweet gluten free hamper. Our Indulgence With Gluten Free hamper has all the tasty treats you could hope for in a healthy hamper. With chocolate, nuts, cookies, chocolate coated almonds and more, this hamper has it all. 

Prosecco & Vegan Delight

Your recipient can pop open a bottle of DeBortoli Prosecco and enjoy a hamper filled with all their favourite items. Our Prosecco & Vegan Delight hamper has everything you could want in a gift and more. With popcorn, cookies, chocolate and more, this is the best healthy hamper for any occasion. 

Good Organic Mornings

Help your recipient start their morning off right with our Good Organic Mornings. As one of our favourite healthy food gifts, this tasty hamper is organic, gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian. Learn more about the included items by reading our product description. 

Prosecco With Gourmet Keto Hamper

Surprise your loved ones with a keto friendly hamper that aligns with their dietary needs. The Prosecco With Gourmet Keto Hamper is the unforgettable gift you have been searching for. With air dried steak, nuts and a bottle of DeBortoli Prosecco, this hamper has it all. 

Gluten Free Cider Hamper

Summer is slowly approaching, so why not give your loved ones a deliciously refreshing hamper? The Gluten Free Cider Hamper includes two bottles of Scape Goat cider, chips, chocolate and more. And to top it all off, this healthy hamper is gluten free, dairy free and vegan friendly. 

Tread Softly Pink Gin Hamper

Any gin lover will adore our Tread Softly Pink Gin Hamper. This healthy food gift is vegan friendly, gluten free and dairy free. It comes with Tread Softly Natural Botanicals Pink Gin, crisps, cookies and more. Have a look at all the included items and give your recipient a hamper you know they will love. 

A Gluten Free Beer Hamper

A yummy healthy hamper is the best gift your recipient could dream of. With chocolate coated blueberries, crisps, and the all important O’Brien gluten free beers, this delicious hamper has all the tasty treats your recipient will need. 

The Chapel Shiraz Hamper

Any gourmet healthy hamper is a fantastic gift for friends, family and work colleagues. The Chapel Shiraz Hamper includes a bottle of Chapel Hill McLaren Vale Shiraz along with a collection of sweet and savoury items. It’s a stand out gift we know your recipient will adore. 

A Day For Gluten Free

Sometimes a simple healthy gift box is the best present you can give. With our A Day For Gluten Free hamper, your loved ones can enjoy a stunning selection of tasty items throughout the entire day. Being gluten free and vegetarian, this is the perfect healthy hamper for any health conscious individual. 

How are Healthy Hampers different from other hamper delivery companies? 

At Healthy Hampers, we have an Australia wide delivery service for all our healthy food gifts. We also have an estimated next day delivery option for orders placed before 2 pm with our express delivery option selected. Organise the perfect healthy food gifts for your loved ones and have them delivered to them with the push of a button. 

Take your time to look through our collections and find the best healthy gifts in Australia at Healthy Hampers.