As the end of the financial year approaches, there’s no better time to thank your clients and staff. Do something a little different this year and show your appreciation with a healthy corporate hamper. By gifting an EOFY healthy corporate gift, you can strengthen relationships, improve morale and increase your reputation. 

At Healthy Hampers, we have a fantastic selection of dietary hampers for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a keto, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free or gluten free hamper, we have a little something for everyone available. Have a look at some of our best selling EOFY corporate gifts below and see if any of them are the gifts you’re looking for. 

Show your appreciation to clients and staff in a healthy way

 EOFY Corporate Gifts Hampers For Clients and Staff

One of the best ways to thank your clients and staff is with a hamper that caters to their dietary restrictions. Taking into consideration your client's and staff's dietary needs and wellbeing will only strengthen their loyalty to your company. 

While giving healthy corporate gifts might not seem like much, there are numerous benefits. Healthy corporate hampers can:

Increase Happiness

Gift giving has the potential to increase the happiness of your recipients. We all enjoy receiving gifts and the buzz you get from receiving them. Gifting a healthy corporate hamper will help associate feelings of satisfaction with your company. 

Build Company Loyalty

When you send a corporate gift hamper to your employees or clients, you’re maintaining your company's reputation. There’s an incentive to continue working and going back to your company. By building company loyalty, you can increase your client list and strengthen relationships within your business. 

Improve Employee Morale

If you are thinking of getting some EOFY healthy gifts for your employees, your corporate gifts have the potential to improve company morale. Your employees will feel more inclined to go to work and boost their spirits. Whether you choose to send a gift to all your employees or just to individual departments, it’s a little something to show the company cares for their wellbeing. 

Reduce Stress

One of the benefits of boosting happiness and company loyalty is reducing stress. As the EOFY approaches, your employees will be under a lot of pressure. Giving them a thank you gift will help reduce their stress level and improve their mental health. 

Sending EOFY healthy corporate gifts is a fantastic way to show you're paying attention to the health and wellbeing of your clients and employees. 

How to select healthy corporate gift hampers for the EOFY

Deciding on what gifts to send can be a little challenging. At Healthy Hampers, we have an ample supply of dietary gifts for you to choose from. If you are struggling to narrow down your choices, here are some steps to make your decision easier. 

Determine whom you are shopping for. Before you start looking for EOFY healthy corporate gifts, think about your clients and employees and what corporate gifts they would like. This can be a simple process of getting the same corporate gifts for everyone or locating a variety for them to choose from. Think about your recipient and what EOFY healthy corporate gifts would suit them. 

Browse the Healthy Hampers dietary options. At Healthy Hampers, we want to make your search for healthy options simple. In our menu, we have a drop down selection of all the dietary hampers we have available. From vegan to keto friendly, there’s a variety of options available. Have a look at the different sections and see if anything stands out. 

Read the product descriptions. Our product descriptions detail all the information you need to know about our hampers. There’s a list of all the included items, alcohol explanations and, most importantly, what dietary restrictions the hamper is compatible with. You can learn everything about our hampers in our product descriptions. 

Compare any hampers that catch your attention. If you’re starting to build a list of hampers, start comparing them. Look at the price, items and dietary components. Going through all these elements will assist in helping you pick the perfect healthy corporate gift. 

Include corporate branded items. Once you have chosen what healthy corporate gift hampers to get, look at what corporate branding options are available. At Healthy Hampers, you can put your logo on a chocolate freckle, write a message on a bottle of wine or personalise a candle. There are lots of options available, and you can find out more about our personalise items on our corporate page

Healthy Hampers best corporate gift hampers 

If you’re looking for a healthy corporate gift to impress your clients and employees, we have some stunning options for you to choose from. Below we have listed some of our best selling healthy corporate gifts. There’s a range of vegan, vegetarian, keto, organic, gluten free and dairy free hampers available. Go through all the different types and see if anything stands out. 

Vegan Snack Attack

healthy hampers Vegan Snack Attack

A collection of healthy sweet and savoury vegan items is always a crowd pleaser. Our Vegan Snack Attack hamper contains a variety of delectable treats that make the perfect healthy corporate gifts. With a soup sachet, lollies, chocolate and more, this hamper is a fantastic combination of flavours. Have a look at the product description to find out more about the included items. 

Love Bug Vegan Delight

healthy hampers Love Bug Vegan Delight

Healthy snack hampers are fantastic EOFY corporate gifts. They offer a range of delectable nibbles whilst also showing you appreciation. Our Love Bug Vegan Delight features a variety of healthy vegan snacks. With popcorn, chocolate, cookies and more, it’s a stand out gift that will impress your clients and staff. All you’d need to do is add some corporate branding to make this hamper unforgettable. 

Family Of Vegan Treats

healthy hampers Family Of Vegan Treats

Our Family Of Vegan Treats has a little something for everyone to enjoy. As an EOFY healthy corporate gift, it is a standout from other options. Not only is this hamper vegan, but it’s gluten free and dairy free as well. It comes with popcorn, drinking chocolate, cheesy mac and more. Show your clients and staff your appreciation with a healthy hamper that offers a range of flavours. 

Keto Snacks Hamper

healthy hampers Keto Snacks Hamper

The Keto Snacks Hamper is high in healthy fats whilst containing limited carbohydrates. This hamper features a selection of sweet and savoury options. From chocolate to beef sticks, this is a fantastic EOFY healthy corporate gift. The only thing missing from this healthy corporate gift is a branded sleeve. Leave a lasting impression with this incredible hamper. 

Delightfully Gluten Free

healthy hampers Delightfully Gluten Free

Healthy snack hampers are a fantastic way for you to show your appreciation towards your clients and staff. Our Delightfully Gluten Free hamper is gluten free and vegetarian. With a selection of sweet and savoury nibbles, this delectable hamper will be a hit. It features a selection of cookies, nuts and crisps. Have a look at all the included items and send your clients and staff a healthy hamper they will enjoy. 

Two Wines & Gluten Free Snacks

healthy hampers Two Wines & Gluten Free Snacks

Gift your clients and staff a hamper with two bottles of wine. The soft flavours of the wine make this a specular healthy corporate gift. Our Two Wines & Gluten Free Snacks hamper features two bottles of Nature's Harvest wines and a selection of sweet and savoury nibbles. This hamper is gluten free and vegetarian, making it a fantastic healthy hamper option. 

Good Organic Mornings

healthy hampers Good Organic Mornings

As a healthy option, you won’t go wrong with this hamper. Help your staff and clients start their day off right with an organic healthy corporate hamper. Our Good Organic Mornings hamper comes with breakfast pudding, jam, tea bags and more. It’s a delightful morning start that’s organic, dairy free, gluten free and vegetarian. The only thing missing is a personalised gift message. 

A Day For Gluten Free

healthy hampers A Day For Gluten Free

If you know your clients or staff are gluten free, this may be the best option for them. Our A Day For Gluten Free hamper comes with gluten free snacks they can enjoy throughout the day. It contains gummy bears, cookies, chocolates and more. This stunning hamper is gluten free and made using natural ingredients. Show your appreciation this EOFY with a healthy corporate hamper. 

Gluten Free Cider Hamper

healthy hampers Gluten Free Cider Hamper

The EOFY can be a very stressful time. To help your employees and clients relax and rewinds, our Gluten Free Cider Hamper is a fantastic choice. This hamper comes with two Scape Goat gluten free ciders and an arrangement of delicious nibbles. You could make your corporate gift more memorable by including a branded candle or sleeve. Have a look at what options are available and make your Healthy corporate gift hamper special. 

Deux Chapel Hill Hamper

healthy hampers Deux Chapel Hill Hamper

Our Deux Chapel Hill Hamper features two bottles of wine and is our preferred EOFY healthy corporate gift. This hamper is dairy free, gluten free and vegan friendly. It comes with two bottles of Chapel Hill wine, cookies, chocolate coated cherries and more. You can give your clients and staff a gourmet experience they will never forget. 

Why choose Healthy Hampers for your EOFY healthy corporate gifts?

At Healthy Hampers, we source only the highest quality items for our hampers. Whether you’re looking for something a bit savoury or sweet, we have a fantastic selection for you to choose from. When you place an order with us, you’re paired with a dedicated account manager who will help you every step of the way. We also have an in house designer to help create your corporate branded items. So, do something different this year and buy your EOFY healthy gifts from Healthy Hampers.