Cupid has made his presence known with all the red and pink in stores. Romance is in the air, and it’s contagious. Show your love and appreciation for all those around you.

Valentine’s Day is a fantastic time to let those you love know you care about them. This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, so you have all weekend to woo and impress your significant others. Although Valentine’s Day is viewed as a day for couples, it doesn’t have to be. Whether they are friends, partners, family members, or work colleagues, showing your affection is key to making this Valentine’s Day special. You don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate the day. 

Make your feelings known and create moments with those near and dear. Love comes in many shapes and forms, so don’t just focus on your partner. Think about all the other lovely people in your life and gift them a special Valentine’s Day they will remember. Showing your affection and care helps build and strengthen relationships. Take your time this year and think about all those special people in your life. 

The Importance Of Valentine's Day Healthy Gifts

Finding Healthy Valentine’s Day gifts can be a little challenging. 

Large corporations will tell you the best gift to give is chocolate and flowers. Ideas for gifts are thrown in your face, but they might not be with anything your loved ones would appreciate. Everyone seems to have forgotten healthy eaters, but don’t worry, we haven’t. Valentine’s Day is about more than just receiving chocolate, and we have the ideal gift guide for you to follow. We’re celebrating a little differently here at Healthy Hampers. 

According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, in 2011-12, Australia reported that over 2.3 million citizens were on a diet. A considerable portion of the population lives with dietary restrictions that are not being catered for on Valentine’s Day. 

Taking the time to find food gifts your loved ones can enjoy will show them you care. At Healthy Hampers, we want everyone to feel included. We have crafted a range of stunning healthy Valentine’s Day hampers. Whether you are keto, gluten free, dairy free, or have any other dietary restriction.  

How To Find The Best Healthy Valentine Gifts?

Putting together suitable gifts can be time consuming, especially if you don’t know what they will like. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for those special people in your life, here are some helpful tips for you to follow:

Have a chat. 

Talk to the people you're buying for and learn their eating habits. Taking the time to ask what they like will give you ideas and make searching for a gift easier. If you want to buy a healthy valentine gift hamper, find out if they have any restrictions. Your recipient will appreciate that you're taking the time to find something they will enjoy. 

Start browsing. 

Look for items that cater for their dietary needs. Look for recommended categories and select a few different hampers to compare. How are they different? Are they similar in any way? Read about everything included and make an educated decision. 

Write a message.

Write a thoughtful message your loved ones will cherish. Your gift may say a thousand words, but it’s still lovely to read them. Simply adding a few meaningful sentences will elevate your gift to the next level. At Healthy Hampers, all our hampers come with a free “For You” greeting card so you can let them know exactly how you feel. 

Our Top Australian Healthy Valentine’s Day Hampers Guide

Searching through and knowing the difference between different diets can be a little overwhelming. Our guide is designed to explain the different diets we cater to and offer suggestions for our top selling products. 


A keto diet has high in fat and low in carbohydrates. It is a great way to lose weight and is perfect for treating hard to control epilepsy in children. If you know someone doing the keto diet, here are our favorite keto friendly hampers. 

Feeling Rosy Keto Hamper

Healthy Hampers Feeling Rosy Keto Hamper Product

Not only is this hamper keto friendly, but it’s also gluten free! The Feeling Rosy Keto Hamper comes with a stunning bottle of Butterfly Kiss Organic Rosé and various low carb sweets your recipient will dive right into. The pink colour of this hamper is perfect for any healthy Valentine’s Day gifts you plan to send.

Blushing Keto Hamper

Bring a little red this Valentine’s Day with a red hot hamper! The Blushing Keto Hamper has all the low carb treats needed to make a keto lovers day. They can enjoy Justine's Choc Fudge Protein Cookie, J Crackleton Paprika Pork Crackle, and more with this standout hamper. 

Keto Bakers Hamper

Baking is an age old hobby that everyone enjoys. Make this Valentine’s Day fun with a hamper designed to bring you both closer. Whether your favourite part is mixing, eating or licking the spoon, everyone will enjoy themselves with this delicious hamper. And the best thing is it’s entirely keto friendly. 

Gluten Free

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Gluten intolerant and celiac individuals are unable to digest gluten properly. Here are some of our favourite gluten free hampers your loved ones will enjoy. 

Indulgence With Gluten Free

Everyone deserves to indulge in delicious sweet treats. There’s no better way to spend the day than with biscuits and chocolate. The Indulgence With Gluten Free hamper has a variety of delectable sweet treats that will be the star of the show this Valentine’s Day. 

Two Wines & Gluten Free Snacks

Your lucky Valentine can pour themselves a glass of Nature's Harvest finest gluten free wine. The Two Wines & Gluten Free Snacks hamper comes with a bottle of Organic Shiraz and Organic Chardonnay. Your recipient will love the combination of wine and delectable gluten free treats. 

A Day For Gluten Free

Our A Day For Gluten Free hamper has nothing but high quality items your loved ones will fall in love with. Their Valentine’s Day is made with a hamper filled with snacks they can munch on throughout the day. With a little something for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they will have a lovely day indulging in all things gluten free. 


Veganism is the complete lack of any animal byproduct. Meaning everything is plant based. Being vegan can be either a lifestyle choice or a dietary need. If shopping for your favourite vegan is proving to be challenging, here are some of our top selling products. 

Botanical Gin Hamper

Healthy Hampers Botanical Gin Hamper Product

Send your loved ones a different type of flower. The Botanical Gin Hamper comes with a lovely bottle of Tread Softly Natural Botanicals Dry Gin beautifully decorated with a vibrant floral print. This hamper is the only flower arrangement your recipient will need this Valentine’s Day.  

Vegan Night With Wine

No Valentine’s day is complete without a glass of wine. Our Farm Hand Organic Chardonnay has a complex and rich flavor that will be the highlight of their evening. We know your recipient will adore our Vegan Night With Wine hamper. 

The Chapel Shiraz Hamper

Chapel Hill's McLaren Vale have outdone themselves by creating this indulgent bottle of Shiraz, and we have made the perfect hamper to accompany it. The Chaple Shiraz Hamper comes with a glorious combination of savoury and sweet items that will complete their Valentine’s Day. 


Different individuals will have varying definitions of vegetarianism, but generally speaking, vegetarians don’t eat meat. Finding a vegetarian hamper is a little easier than most other dietary restrictions, but if you’re struggling, here are some of our favorites. 

Tread Softly Pink Hamper

Adding a little colour to a gift is never a bad thing. The Tread Softly Pink Hamper has a fantastic combination of all things sweet and savoury. The best thing about this hamper is it’s completely pink, perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day.   

Love Bug Vegan Delight

Having a relaxing night in with a mug of comforting hot chocolate and all the delicious treats is the perfect way to spend this Valentine’s day. After seeing all the tasty treats inside, your recipient will fall in love with the Love Bug Vegan Delight hamper. 

A Gluten Free Beer Hamper

Valentine’s Day can be a little stressful. There’s much planning involved, and you want everything to turn out perfect. The A Gluten Free Beer Hamper has all the necessary items for your recipient to enjoy as they settle down after a long day. 


Eating organic foods has many benefits. Organic food reduces waste and promotes ecological balance. Our organic hampers celebrate natural clean eating. If you’re looking for an honest, clean organic hamper, here are some of our best selling ones.

Organic Rose Beauty

Hampers don’t always need to be filled with food, and this lovely hamper has everything needed for a pamper day. The Organic Rose Beauty hamper is packed with wonderfully scented shampoo, conditioner, and other body lotions and scrubs. The best thing about this hamper is that it’s filled with flowers. 

Good Organic Mornings

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Our Good Organic Mornings hamper has all the ingredients required to start your day right. With tea, jam and chocolate, nothing has been left out of this scrumptious hamper. 

All Natural Beauty Kit

Receiving a pamper day is the best kind of gift. Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love and affection, and this is the ideal hamper to make their day special. The All Natural Beauty Kit is filled with organic products that leave your recipient feeling like royalty. 

Dairy Free

Dairy free diets are the consumption of lactose free items or the lack of anything milk related. Finding affordable dairy free products can be challenging. Here are some of our popular dairy free hampers we know your Valentine will enjoy. 

Deux Chapel Hill Hamper

The Deux Chapel Hill Hamper comes with two bottles of Chapel Hill’s finest wine. The Parson Shiraz and Chardonnay are partnered with an amazing assortment of sweet and savoury treats your Valentine will fall in love with.  

Prosecco & Vegan Delight

Healthy Hampers Prosecco & Vegan Delight Product

Your Valentine can celebrate the day with scrumptious bubbly. Your recipient can enjoy a glass of delectable bubbles as they nipple on a selection of vegan and gluten free snacks. The Prosecco & Vegan Delight hamper comes with our favourite bottle of DeBortoli Prosecco. 

Beautifully Blessed Pamper Hamper

Blessed by nature has released a beautiful range of products, and we have put the best ones in our Beautifully Blessed Pamper Hamper. Your Valentine can relax after a long week with some soothing products that will make their day.  

Healthy Valentine’s Day Hampers

They don’t need to be on a specific diet to enjoy tasty, healthy food. If you’re simply looking for healthy Valentine’s Day gifts, we have the perfect selection for you to choose from at Healthy Hampers. Here are some of our best selling hampers that will make your recipients Valentine’s Day magical. 

Her Pamper Time

She can enjoy one of our favourite hampers this Valentine’s Day. She can pour a glass of Brown Brothers King Valley Prosecco Rosé and let the soothing powers of the other items take over. The Her Pamper Time hamper has everything needed to create an evening of bliss. 

Pamper For Him & Coffee

This is the perfect gift for a man who travels a lot. The Pamper For Him & Coffee has a travel toiletries kit that smells divine. He can enjoy a delicious mug of coffee before going to work. Sometimes even men need a pampering experience. 

Family Of Vegan Treats

Why not include the entire family this Valentine’s Day. The Family Of Vegan Treats hamper has a scrumptious collection of delicious treats everyone will enjoy (even if they’re not vegan). Just put on a movie, and Valentine’s Day is complete. 

Why Should You Shop With Healthy Hampers?

At Healthy Hampers, we have everything you need for healthy valentines gift hampers. All our hampers are made with high quality products. It doesn’t matter what your diet may be. We cater for all types, putting together hampers our customers love. And if you can’t find a suitable hamper, you can even create your own in our Make Your Own Hamper section. 

Every hamper bought gives back to the earth. Purchasing from Healthy Hampers aids in rebuilding Australia’s native bushland, giving homes and habitats back to our native animals. 

We know you will find the perfect healthy Valentine’s Day gifts from our range of hampers.