Vegans choose to cherish every living creature. While it might not be the same as being vegetarian, there are still some similarities. While both dietary groups do not consume meat, vegans will also extend their diet to remove every animal by product. Maintaining a life of natural foods can be challenging, but many people believe it’s worth it. By changing one aspect of their lifestyle, they stand against animal cruelty and promote an alternative way of living. 

At Healthy Hampers, we have a range of vegan hampers that are the ideal gifts for everyone. If you’re looking for a gift to surprise your partner with, we have some fantastic hampers filled with vegan friendly products. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or any other special occasion, we have some delicious options for you to choose from. Have a look at our selection and find the perfect gift for your partner. 

Vegan Gift Hampers from Healthy Hampers Australia

How to select vegan friendly products for your partner

Whether you want to Make Your Own Hamper or choose one from our collection, we have a variety of vegan hampers that feature different vegan products. At Healthy Hampers, we have options that everyone will enjoy. However, if you’re struggling to settle on just one gift, we have some helpful tips to help narrow down your choices. 

Decide whether or not you want to include a bottle of alcohol. At Healthy Hampers, we have a fantastic selection of vegan friendly products. Whether you’re after a snack hamper or one with a little something extra, there are many different options for your to choose from. Think about what your partner will prefer and look for a hamper that either features a bottle of alcohol or has an array of delectable snacks.  

Compare different options. When looking for a hamper with vegan products, it’s important to look at other options and compare them. Look at the different price points, what’s included and choose a hamper that best suits the event or occasion. Keep your options open and look for a few hampers before focusing on just one. Taking your time might lead you to find a better hamper than what you first chose. 

Look for hampers that suit your partner's flavour profile. Whether they prefer sweet or savoury, try narrowing your options to hampers that contain their preferred flavours. Looking for hampers with some of their favourite items will show how much you pay attention to their tastes. 

Determine whether your hamper will be the main event. If your vegan hamper is the central part of the celebration, look for an option that will wow. However, if you have other activities planned out, you would want to look for a hamper that is a little more subdued (but still has a lot of delicious snacks). The slight distinction will make it easier to narrow down your choices. 

Your partner is a very special person to you, so it’s only fitting that you gift them a hamper filled with vegan friendly products they will enjoy. Take your time to look through all the available options and choose a vegan hamper that best suits your celebratory occasion. 

Top selling vegan friendly hampers in Australia

Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or any other type of celebration, deciding on a hamper can be a little challenging when there’s a lot to choose from. If you’re struggling to decide on what types of vegan products you should look for, here are some of our top selling vegan hampers for you to browse. Take note of how they are different and find the perfect hampers to send to your partner. 


Family Of Vegan Treats

Do something a little different with the Family Of Vegan Treats hamper. This fantastic hamper has enough items for you and your partner to enjoy. Enjoy a relaxing night with a packet of cheesy mac, chocolate butter, popcorn and more. 

Vegan Shiraz & Snack Hamper

Vegan Shiraz & Snack Hamper product

Celebrate every occasion with a bottle of red. Our Vegan Shiraz & Snack Hamper features a fabulous bottle of Farm Hand Organic Shiraz. The rich flavours of the wine are perfectly paired with our stunning collection of sweet and savoury snacks. It’s a delicious combination we know your partner will enjoy. 

Hopeful Vegan Hamper

Your partner can enjoy a lovely selection of nibbles and think of you with every bite. The Hopeful Vegan Hamper includes popcorn, mint chocolate, a cookie and other delicious items. It’s the perfect hamper for a birthday or anniversary. 

Prosecco & Vegan Delight

Prosecco & Vegan Delight Product

Give them a vegan hamper containing a delightful arrangement of sweet and savoury bites. Not only is the Prosecco & Vegan Delight vegan, but it’s also gluten free. The best part of this hamper is the bottle of DeBortoli Prosecco. 


Vegan Snack Attack

There’s no better gift than a hamper filled with all their favourite vegan snacks. Our Vegan Snack Attack hamper comes with lollies, chocolate, roasted chickpeas and more. Have a look at all the included items and send your partner a gift they will adore. 


Love Bug Vegan Delight

Love Bug Vegan Delight Product

The Love Bug Vegan Delight is a sweet and comforting hamper they will appreciate during the colder months. Your partner can make a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy a collection of delightful snacks. It’s completely vegan and oh so delicious. 

Vegan Night With Wine

You can both enjoy a glass of chardonnay as you celebrate the happy occasion. The Vegan Night With Wine features a bottle of Farm Hand Organic Chardonnay and comes with a collection of delightful nibbles. It’s a stunning hamper your partner will adore. 

Tread Softly Pink Gin Hamper

Tread Softly Pink Gin Hamper product

Thank your partner for everything they have done for you with the Tread Softly Pink Gin Hamper. This amazing hamper contains a Tread Softly Natural Botanicals Pink Gin bottle, crisps, chocolate, cookies and more. Have a look at all the included items and gift your partner a hammer they will remember. 

The Chapel Shiraz Hamper

Give your partner a gourmet hamper that they will happily brag about. The Chapel Shiraz Hamper contains a Chapel Hill McLaren Vale Shiraz bottle, truffle oil, artisan cookies and a collection of other gourmet items. Being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a selection of luxurious products. 

Celebrating Vegan Style With Wine Choice

Celebrating Vegan Style With Wine Choice Product

Choose between a bottle of red or white, and if you can’t decide, you can just get both. Our Celebrating Vegan Style With Wine Choice hampers comes with customization. Select your partner's favourite wine and gift them a hamper they will thoroughly enjoy. 

What’s different about the vegan friendly hampers at Healthy Hampers? 

At Healthy Hampers, every hamper purchased from us goes towards rebuilding the native habitats of Australia’s indigenous animals. We choose to give back to Earth by creating hampers where the packaging is reusable and recyclable. You can help pave a more sustainable future by simply buying vegan friendly products at Healthy Hampers.