Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of veganism. 

But did you know there are different types? Whether you choose to live the vegan lifestyle or not, we’re here to go over all the facts and give you a breakdown of all the different kinds of veganism, and we will even list a few of our favourite vegan products as well. 

What is Veganism?

Before we dive any deeper, let’s go back to the basics. So… what is veganism? 

Veganism is a lifestyle choice, in which individuals will abstain from partaking of animal products and by-products. This includes meat, dairy, eggs, honey, fish and any other product sourced from animals. It is recommended for vegans to eat a lot of legumes, grains, fruits and vegetables. 

As veganism becomes more popular and mainstream, there are more and more vegan products becoming accessible. From healthy vegan snacks to indulgent plant based meals, there are many delicious options available when you’re on a vegan based diet. However, some individuals don’t just stop with their diet. Some individuals will also abstain from purchasing leather products and other animal sourced items. 

Now that we have a better understanding of what veganism is, let’s go over the different types. 

Why do people go vegan? 

There are many reasons why an individual would choose to live a vegan lifestyle, and we’re going to go over some of the main motivations. Whether you’re living these lifestyles or not, here are some of the more common reasons why individuals choose to live a vegan lifestyle. 

Ethical motivations

Ethical vegans believe that killing or harming animals to live is wrong. They actively live in a manner that causes no harm to animals and allows them to live a sustainable lifestyle. Ethical vegans believe that all living creatures are equal and deserve to live. They also believe that factory farming animals is cruel and wish to protect them by abstaining from animal based products. 

Health motivations

While ethical beliefs are the leading reason why individuals choose veganism, another leading cause is health motivations. Abstaining from meat, dairy, and other animal by-products can reduce blood glucose levels and unhealthy cholesterol. It’s often recommended for individuals to partner their diet with physical exercise. To break it down further, health conscious vegans care about their body’s health and wellbeing. 

Environmental motivations

To live a greener lifestyle and create a more sustainable future, environmental vegans choose to live in cohesion with the Earth by abstaining from harmful substances. They believe that adopting a vegan lifestyle will minimise their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation that’s a result of animal agriculture. Environmental vegans are more conscious of the planet and are actively living to protect it. 

Religious motivations

Many religions refrain from animal cruelty because of religious reasons. Some of the more well known religions that practise veganism are Jainism and Buddhism. Jainism followers detest violent activities, and this belief extends to all creatures. This extends to their diets and prompts them to follow a vegan lifestyle. While Jainism beliefs are followed by nearly all followers, there are branches of Buddhism that practise vegetarianism alongside veganism. There are many religions around the world, and some of them even promote veganism. 

Are there different types of vegan diets? 

Just like any other diet, we all have preferences and being vegan doesn’t have to hinder what options are available. Some of the more popular vegan diets adopted are raw, whole food, fruitarian and gluten free. 

Raw food diet

As you would expect, a raw food vegan diet predominantly consists of consuming uncooked vegan friendly foods. Many people who follow a raw food diet believe they will receive more nutrients from raw ingredients as some can be lost during the cooking process. However, this doesn’t mean all of their food is cold, some meals can be heated to 40 degrees celsius. There are plenty of raw vegan food recipes online you can try. 

Whole food diet

Following a whole food vegan diet means you only consume unprocessed vegan foods. A lot of individuals will primarily consume nuts, grains, fruits, seeds and vegetables. Essentially, this diet is for people who want to cut processed foods from their meals. 

Gluten free vegan diet

Not too long ago it was almost impossible to find foods that were gluten free and vegan friendly, however, that has changed. Some individuals follow a vegan diet or a gluten free diet, and their options can be limited, but they are available. Many restaurants and fast food establishments have designed vegan and gluten free food options for their customers. And, as a bonus, at Healthy Hampers, we have a lot of gluten free and vegan snacking options for you to choose from. All dietary information is detailed in our product descriptions. 

Fruitarian diet

Vegans who follow a fruitarian diet predominantly eat fruits, nuts and seeds. Individuals will only eat foods that have naturally fallen from plants. While some individuals follow this diet and don’t eat seeds (as they can be used to grow new plants) it is up to you whether or not you choose to follow it.   

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