At Healthy Hampers, we have a wide selection of delicious gifts perfect for any occasion. Unfortunately, there are times when you can’t find the best gift for your recipient. But don’t worry, we have a Make Your Own Hamper feature that allows you to choose all the contents of your gift. From start to finish, you can design a delightful hamper we know your recipients will adore. In this blog, we will go over all the ins and outs of our Make Your Own Hamper section. See for yourself how easy this process is. 

Why would you need a personalised hamper? 

Everyone has varied tastes and preferences when it comes to food and beverages. So getting the perfect gift can be difficult, especially when there are dietary restrictions. Being able to create your own hamper makes the process easier. You’re able to ensure your recipient is receiving products they enjoy that align with their dietary preferences. 

Personalised hampers allow you to choose from a range of products. You can create hampers for different occasions or events. From birthdays to sympathy hampers there are various reasons why you might like to make your own hamper. 

At Healthy Hampers, we cater to different dietary needs and have listed them all in our Make Your Own Hamper section. If you choose to create your own hampers, make sure to look for the below symbols to ensure you’re designing an appropriate hamper for your recipient. 

How to Make Your Own Hamper at Healthy Hampers

Designing your own healthy hampers has never been easier. At Healthy Hampers, our Make Your Own Hamper section allows you to make unforgettable, dietary appropriate gifts. Below is our step to step guide for creating hampers. Follow the steps and see for yourself how easy the process is. 

HEALTHY HAMPERS Make Your Own Hamper

Go to our Make Your Own Hamper section

This step may feel a little self explanatory. At Healthy Hampers, you can access our Make Your Own Hampers section here, or find it on our main menu. Once you click on the link, you will be taken to our Make Your Own Hamper workshop. In this area, we have detailed instructions about our two different hamper types and the amount of product you can include. Browse through the options and see which one best suits your needs. 

Decide what type of hamper you want to create

At Healthy Hampers, we have two different hamper types available; Healthy Gift Hamper and Healthy Snack Hamper. Both hamper types contain limitations on how many items you can include as all items need to be able to fit inside our hamper boxes. Here is a summary of our two create your own gift hampers in Australia. 

Healthy Gift Hamper

The Healthy Gift Hamper options allow you to choose items from our complete collection. From alcoholic beverages to pamper products, there are a lot of items you can add to your hamper. This is the ideal option for anyone wanting to add a keepsake or beverages to their gift. Some of the quantity restrictions include:

Up to 2 bottles of wine, champagne, sparkling and spirits or up to 4 bottles of beer, cider and mixers

1 each of the personalised products (please note that the personalised beverages are included in the above quantity limits.)

Up to 8 snack options

Up to 4 pamper & home products

Healthy Snack Hampers

Our Healthy Snack Hamper is exactly what you would expect. This hamper features a variety of dietary snacking options. With sweet and savoury choices, this is one of the best options for any snacking fiend. This hamper allows you to select up to 15 snack options. 


Which hamper type would your recipient prefer? 

Determine the occasion

After selecting a hamper type, you can then choose what theme you would like your hamper to be. At Healthy Hampers, all our gifts are wrapped with a sleeve. From ‘Happy Birthday’ to ‘A Gift For You’ choose the best hamper sleeve for your occasion. We have a range of different messages and images, take your time to go through the different options and find the best one for your recipient. 

Add a personalised item (Healthy Gift Hampers only)

When you create a Healthy Gift Hamper you're able to include personalised items. You can add a message to a candle, chocolate box and more. New items are continuously being added to our personalisation section. Some of our more popular items include:

Chocolate Box

Our chocolate boxes are vegetarian and you can add a personalised message to them. You can be sincere, funny, or brief. Just choose one of our six designs and include a message. It’s the perfect little addition we know your recipient will enjoy. 

Customised Mug

Give your loved ones a keepsake they will cherish by adding a photo to a mug. Choose a .PNG or .JPG file and make your gift more personal. You can include a happy photo or one that just includes your recipient. Go through your photos and find a stand out choice. 

Personalised Wine Bottle

Take your gift to the next level with a personalised wine bottle label. With our wine options, you can choose either a bottle of Shiraz, Chardonnay Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc. Go through our label options and write a message your recipient will never forget. 

Have a look at what customisable products are available and give your loved ones a keepsake they will cherish. 

Healthy Gift Hampers

Choose a beverage (Healthy Gift Hampers only)

At Healthy Hampers, we have a large selection of refreshing beverages you can add to your gift. Choose from our selection of whisky, gin, beer, wine, tea and more. There are limitations concerning how many beverages you can include, so take note of this restriction as you go through the different options. All our dietary appropriate items are marked. See for yourself all the different options and organise a hamper with your recipient's favourite drink. Please note that any personalised beverages will also add to the quantity limit. 

Have a look at some of our best selling beverages:

Moet Brut Imperial Champagne NV 750ml (VF | GF)

With a bright fruitiness and elegant maturity, our Moet Brut Imperial Champagne NV is a crowd favourite. Being vegan friendly and gluten free, this is the perfect addition to any celebratory hamper. As one of the world’s favourite champagnes, we know your recipient will enjoy every sip. 

Mountain Goat Pale Ale 330ml (VF | GF)

Bursting with stonefruit, pine and citrus characters, our Mountain Goat Pale Ale is a popular choice for a reason. Being vegan friendly and gluten free, the well balanced flavours will leave your taste buds singing. It’s the perfect drink for any occasion. 

Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin 700ml (VF | GF)

As a classic gin, this is the perfect addition to any Make Your Own Hamper in Australia. It’s spicy with a great citrus taste confirming it’s a modern Australian gin. Using slightly different ingredients, the delicious flavour meld on your tongue giving you radiant undertones. 

Select all your recipient's favourite snacks

Browse through our collection of dietary snacks and see if any of them stand out. All snacks in this section are marked with the above labels showing which diets they align with. Go through all the different options to see which items best suit what you’re looking for. With a variety of sweet and savoury snacks, there are plenty of items you can add to your order. Take your time to find the best snacks for your loved ones. 

Here are some of our most popular Make Your Own Hamper snacks:

Wicked Nuts Infused Peanut Varieties (VF | GF | DF | P)

Being vegan friendly, gluten free, dairy free and paleo, our Wicked Nuts Infused Peanut Varieties are a tasty snack we know your recipient will appreciate. When you add this item to your hamper, your recipient will receive one of the three flavours. With a touch of alcohol and spicy undertones, they are a fantastic item to include and add to your create your own hamper. 

Alter Eco Chocolate Block 80g (V | O | GF)

Our Alter Eco Chocolate Block is bursting with flavour. This collection of flavours is vegetarian, organic and gluten free. They pair exceptionally well with a bottle of wine and come in a range of flavours. By adding this product to your hamper, your recipient will receive one of the listed chocolate blocks. 

Ceres Organics Crispy Rice Cloud Varieties 100g (VF | O | GF | DF)

You can never go wrong with some rice crispy clouds. Our Ceres Organics Crispy Rice Cloud Varieties come in a range of flavours that are pleasing to the tongue. Being vegan friendly, organic, gluten free and dairy free, they’re a fantastic addition to any create your own gift hamper in Australia. 

Add pamper, home and baby items to your hamper

Add pamper, home and baby items to your hamper  (Healthy Gift Hampers only)

The best kind of Make Your Own Hampers in Australia come with additional items home, baby or pamper items. Before you proceed to the checkout, you can add some charming items to your hamper. From candles to robes, there are a lot of options for you to choose from. All the vegan friendly, beauty and origins items are marked with a tag. Take your time to have a look at our selection.

Some of our more popular items include:

Keri Scented Candle Cloche

Our Keri Scented Candle Cloche is a stunning addition to your hamper. The soft scent spreads throughout any room leaving refreshing undertones. It’s a fantastic item to include with birthday, thinking of you or anniversary hampers. 

Summer Salt Body Crystals Essential Oil Rollers 10ml (VF)

Your recipient will enjoy the fragrances of one of our Summer Salt Body Crystals Essential Oil Rollers. When your select this item, we will include a beautiful essential oil roller with your order. This time is vegan friendly and will complete your order. 

Blessed By Nature Travel Beauty (VF | O)

Blessed by Nature is an Australian brand that specialises in creating vegan friendly, organic beauty products. With a facial cleanser, moisturising creams and toner, it’s the perfect addition to your pamper gift. See for yourself how special this item is. 

Write a card

One of the last things to include with your hampers is a card. At Healthy Hampers, we have a range of options for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a card to go with the rest of your theme, or something a little different, you can finish your hamper off with a charming message. Be funny, creative, corny or sweet and let your recipient know who sent them their gift. There’s no better way to wrap up your gift. 

Confirm your order

Before going to the checkout, go over all the items you choose to make sure you’re giving your recipient a gift they will adore. This is the final time you can make changes to your order, so double check everything to ensure they align with your recipient’s diet and lifestyle. Please note that all Make Your Own Hampers may take up to 48 hours and if we have any out of stock items we will replace them with products of similar or greater value. 

Proceed to the checkout 

Once you have confirmed your order, you can continue to the checkout. As you view your order, you can write a message for your card and select a preferred estimated delivery date. We highly recommend taking your time to ensure all the shipping information is correct. 

Why should you create your own hampers with Healthy Hampers? 

At Healthy Hampers, we specialise in sourcing delicious, dietary appropriate products. Whether you’re looking for vegan friendly, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian or organic items, we have various products you can choose from. Take your time to go through our Make Your Own Hamper section and give your loved ones a gift they will never forget.